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“The Father of Peace” (St. Joseph’s Day Legends and Traditions)

March 17th may be the sacred day for Irish to honor St. Patrick, but March 19th, for those of us of Italian descent, today is the day set aside to honor the man who raised Jesus as his son……St. Joseph. … Continue reading

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“Dreaming of a Tastykake”

Reading an old essay of mine, got me daydreaming of the comforts of youth.   Comforts wrapped in chocolate and icing; surprising, how things so bad for you can make you feel so good.   It’s been a rough week…..I could … Continue reading

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“Winged Angels” (The message of a dream)

For those of you who don’t read my other blog…….here is today’s posting

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” A Little Patch of Light” (How the earth’s energy affects an empath) plus, saving the Monarchs”

The news has gotten too much for me……the killing, the destruction of antiquities, my energy sponge is drenched.  I cannot soak up any more.  For those sensitive to energy, the world can be a worrisome and wearisome place. The earth … Continue reading

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This coming week is JBee’s birthday.   Those who read “The Returning Ones,” know a little about her.   JBee is my dear friend; she no longer lives mortally, but she lives on in the Spirit Realm.   I was … Continue reading

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“Ways to tap into the energy of Luna……the March 5th Full Moon tonight”

It’s the March 5th full moon… the metaphysical world, we believe the Moon carries energy that affects beings on the earth. This March Moon will bring into focus the energy of moving past or ending……especially dealing with the darker side … Continue reading

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“It’s Amazing What a Gob of Spit Can Tell You” (tracing my Ancestry)

I admit it.  I am one of those glued to the sofa, watching Henry Skippy Gates trace the roots of others, watching Genealogy Road Show discover who have princes and who have frogs in their family. So, several months ago, … Continue reading

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