Wouldn’t it be wonderful if humans listened to the earth now…….
Listened to the dolphins in Venice
Listened to the trees able to clear the air of pollution better
Listened to the cries of animals who suffered and died in horrid marketplaces………..
Listened to her earthquakes………..
Listened as she gave one last warning,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sad, because I don’t think man will listen, even now……as many human ears will never listen to the song of earth again.


On this St. Joseph’s Day………..Italians should be gathering for feasts.   Special macaroni dishes, topped with toasted bread crumbs in oil, (for the wood shavings of a carpenter), should be on the table, not face masks………

Cream filled pastries should fill shop windows……..People should laugh, not cry at funerals.     May St. Joseph look down kindly on the children of the earth, with loving father’s eyes.

Shirl  venetian sunsetDSC_6422

***Update……..National Geographic has verified the falseness of the dolphin story……It seems there never were dolphins………just in our deepest dreams for what might be………….. 
I guess we all needed to grasp at a silver thread lining this dismal earth right now………

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There is a beautiful songbird outside my window the past couple of days

I have not seen him, only heard his unique call for a springtime love

When I hear him, I forget


Corona Virus

Animal Cruelty

And all the darkness of the world…………..

For a few moments……….

There is only light………

His song………..



Hope” is the thing with feathers 

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –
I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.
A newborn baby dove in my hands…………New Life 4
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Corona…..by definition…..the crowning aura of suspended droplets or particles of dust…..seen around the sun, stars, and heavenly bodies.

The world waits……suspended inside an aura…….Some, waiting for the droplets to descend upon them in panic……

Others, spewing particles of hostility and anger and division among others under the aura.

I thought when at last the impeachment was over, daily bombardment of negativity would cease.   But the machine gun rounds ensue…..bombarding us, every hour of the news, every Twitter post and response, every political candidate’s spin on the crisis.

And what an opportune crisis to occur…….fuel to fire the hatred and anger.   It’s like a ship with not passengers stuck in limbo…….but travelers on waiting lines to board and get on the panic voyage before we even know the true destination.

Yes, this could be bad……I am not downplaying those that have been sickened and killed.   I have a friend in Shanghai; I know the changes this has brought to her life and know those changes can occur right in my own neighborhood.

It is man’s nature to fear and panic……..My problem is those that nurture that fear and panic, using it to promote their own passages to personal success in this world.

Now the advice is hand washing……. I sure hope most need not be told this.   It is impossible to avoid contact with germ laden surfaces….maybe along with face masks, gloves should also be included in the high pitch sales promotions I see on social media now.   How do you tell a five year old to keep his hands away from his face and mouth?…..  Quite impossible.

Me, I am preparing a bit.   Not with masks and gloves, but just with some staple supplies so I don’t have to be out and about if it reaches my street.   I have seen fights break out in my town supermarket over a loaf of bread on the shelf during a snowstorm.   I hate to imagine the fear if delivery trucks don’t make the rounds or stores close due to employee illness.

My mind thinks of those people who saved for years for a trip to Paris and now find the doors of the Louvre closed.    We can close doors and borders to keep others out or keep us in, but in the end, the aura of droplets and dust will invade through the cracks….

I just hope the aura of fear doesn’t get there first.

My plan…….. Humor always helps.    We should get Ruth Ginsburg’s team of doctors on board the Corona medical panel of experts.   God Bless Ruth, may she live a long time before her spirit corona journeys on to her final voyage.



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“Ash Wednesday and Ancient Gods”

Placing ashes on one’s head has origins in Pagan religion.

In the ancient Nordic Pagan religion, placing ashes on one’s head was a method of insuring protection from Odin.   This was a ritual performed on Wednesday, Odin’s day.   In fact, another name for Odin in the old Nordic language is the same word for Ashes.

But the Norse adapted this custom from ancient Indian beliefs.  Agni was the ancient Indian God of Fire, believed to be the deity to cleanse and purify the body of sins.  The Romans adapted this God’s name in the Latin word ignis,  for fire.  And how we derived the present word ignite.

So, as the Catholics believe………”Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”……….all is connected and everything returns to its source.

All religion has common links……formed from the same intentions and fears of all who share the mortal bonds of human particles of life……the decaying human cells of man……..”Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”   Only the fiery energies of human souls rise up like the Phoenix.

Human souls who have looked to the Heavens in praise of Gods since ancient times.



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“New House Guests….Smelly Ones”


We went to bed around 9 the other evening……yes, party animals we are not……..

Just settling in, we heard some strange noises coming from the next room……

My spouse investigated……..I think it’s one of your stuffed animals that make sounds.

I don’t have any in there,”………..

Again, the strange noises…….like screaming, coming from the room.

Is it alive???”……….a strange question.   Maybe not, you see I live in a place haunted by spirits in Gettysburg……..you never know what a scream could be.

The screaming intensified……..followed by thumps and bumps in the wall…..then quiet.   This repeated itself again and again…….It was like Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart.”………waiting for the next onslaught.

“It’s a nest,” I said.   There are babies in there, and the mother is coming in and out.  Now, the noise sounded like a cross between two cats fighting or mating on my deck to squeals of delight or hunger at the return of the big one knocking against the walls…….

My husband banged the walls, searched through the house…….went to the downstairs corner directly under and heard them as well……

“It’s coming from the vent……either the dryer or the bathroom vent.”

Sure enough, something had climbed the wooden boards of the farmhouse outside, lifted the vent flap, and snuggled inside with her babies.

From my work with wildlife rehab, it didn’t sound like the alien chirps and clicks raccoons mutter……

Anyway, the vent was too small for any raccoon, even the most lean …….

Opossum, my husband said.

“No, opossums carry their babies in their pouches.”   

“What if she lets them out when she comes in,”  he said.

“I don’t think so,”    That left two possibilities…….a really large rat family.   I never saw a rat around the  farmhouse.   Mice, yes……..rats, no.

Or the sometimes seen fragrant visitor……….the skunk.    Now, it is early for skunk babies, but it has been an exceptionally mild winter.   Everyone is confused, the trees, the flowers, the ticks and the mosquitoes.

Sure enough, I googled baby skunk sounds……knowing you can google just about anything these days.

The familiar scream visited upon my ears……..

I think we have a family of skunks.    Skunks take about two months for babies to grow and leave the nest.   I won’t disturb them.  I am hoping they are pleasant guests and don’t leave a bad “calling card” behind.    Otherwise, an eighteen wheeler filled with tomato juice better park at my door……….

My husband tried to take a photo quickly inside the vent, but you cannot see anything and he wasn’t going to stick his hand further inside……I could just imagine a pungent reply wafting through my vent with further irritation.   Skunks usually have more than one den; she could leave, but I would be trapped in a bubble of skunk perfume.20200221_103518

She has quite a safe spot…….shielded from predators, the cold, and the rain.   She is quite a busy mom; she made many trips during the night.   No wonder she sleeps all day and the farmhouse is quiet.   Luckily, we didn’t bring the dogs with us this time or we all would have had a very interesting and sleepless night……..

Shirl and squirrels and now, skunks………  🙂


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“Should others write the endings of an unfinished work” Sanditon

Okay, I am late to the party.    I could have watched the DVD, but didn’t.    Instead, I have been tuning in each week, about 5 so far. to catch the latest episode of Sanditon.

It is good; I have been enjoying it.   For those who do not know, Sanditon is the unfinished work of Jane Austen.   Now, if you have read Jane Austen, you sort of figure which way the final chapters are heading…….

At least, I thought so.   I came upon a disturbing post.   It called the ending “devastating.”

Devastating?…..Oh, I thought, and here I am, so looking forward to the usual………

Twitter posts were filled with negativity for the way the season was ended.   Hints were in the air that the writers did so purposely so viewers would be hooked and eager to watch a “fix it” season two.   I won’t give out details, in case you are one of the ones tuning in each week.    I can tell you this…..it isn’t what you imagined………  😦

Why should we be roped into another season…….we tuned in to watch Jane Austen…and we should get Jane Austen, not the commercial ploy of writers finishing her words in a way Jane never would have written…..at least,  in the way my mind imagines.

That is it…….we don’t know what she would have written.   We don’t know what any writer would have written; we cannot reach into their minds and finish unfinished thoughts.

I think I won’t watch the final episodes.   I will let my own mind finish the story as I imagine Jane would have done.   That is the way it should be……to imagine the way it would have been done…….each, in our own mind.

The mystery of her ending will never be known……except in our imaginations.



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In Response to Joaquin Phoenix and Rush Limbaugh

By now, most have heard about Joaquin Phoenix’s plea for more compassion in our world.   This morning, I happened upon Rush Limbaugh’s reply.

A few years ago, I wrote my own plea for compassion in the dairy industry.   I believe, like Joaquin, that animals are sentient beings, unlike the remarks of the radio personality.

Here is my own plea…….please listen.  You can google Rush Limbaugh’s reply; I won’t warrant it any more attention here.


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