A friend of mine in Florida is celebrating her wedding anniversary today….plans a little diverted because of Matthew.

It brought to mind my own wedding day, a nor’easter swept across Jersey that day.   I cried getting dressed in my gown…..listening to the wind howl outside and my brother announcing from the driveway that it felt like the set of the movie Omen…….

Every guest made it to the ceremony, a glimmer of sunlight struggled to break through as we entered the church……the caring limousine driver carrying a white umbrella over my head.

I read a sad article about a huge flock of birds caught in the eye of Matthew.   Some of the stronger seagulls will survive….most of the little songbirds will be tossed and perish.   I wish I could give them a huge umbrella to shelter them from winds today as they struggle.


Blessings and Safe Harbors,me and oscar


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I am happy to post my fourth book of Fairy Tales, “Enchanted.”   This was a project very dear to my heart, as in the midst of writing, I lost my beloved and faithful friend, Casper, my white collie.   I wrote a fairy tale especially for my boy, called “Spun Gold.”

All my fairy tales will affect your heart.    They are stories of love, devotion, lessons learned, and of course, loss.

You may purchase “Enchanted” today at Amazon.com

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“Before there was a New Age, there was St. Francis”

St. Francis didn’t need to study crystals and rocks to learn they possessed energy or animal communication to learn animals possessed souls, or the connection of all living souls on this earth…….he just knew it.

From the wolf who walked beside him, to the roses that bloomed for his eyes, to the birds who listened to his sermons in the trees, he just knew.

He knew we are one, the wind, the sun, the moon, the sea, from the tiniest cricket who visited him each day, to the billions who now celebrate his life on this day, October 4th, the Feast Day of St. Francis.

Most think of his prayer as “make me a channel of your peace.”   But he did not write this prayer……..

This is the beautiful prayer he wrote.   Perhaps when we prayer for one, we pray for all.

Most high, omnipotent, good Lord,
Praise, glory and honor and benediction all, are Thine.
To Thee alone do they belong, most High,
And there is no man fit to mention Thee.

Praise be to Thee, my Lord, with all Thy creatures,
Especially to my worshipful brother sun,
The which lights up the day, and through him dost Thou brightness give;
And beautiful is he and radiant with splendor great;
Of Thee, most High, signification gives.

Praised be my Lord, for sister moon and for the stars,
In heaven Thou hast formed them clear and precious and fair.

Praised be my Lord for brother wind
And for the air and clouds and fair and every kind of weather,
By the which Thou givest to Thy creatures nourishment.
Praised be my Lord for sister water,
The which is greatly helpful and humble and precious and pure.

Praised be my Lord for brother fire,
By the which Thou lightest up the dark.
And fair is he and gay and mighty and strong.

Praised be my Lord for our sister, mother earth,
The which sustains and keeps us
And brings forth diverse fruits with grass and flowers bright.

Praised be my Lord for those who for Thy love forgive
And weakness bear and tribulation.
Blessed those who shall in peace endure,
For by Thee, most High, shall they be crowned.
Praised be my Lord for our sister, the bodily death,
From the which no living man can flee.
Woe to them who die in mortal sin;
Blessed those who shall find themselves in Thy most holy will,
For the second death shall do them no ill.

Praise ye and bless ye my Lord, and give Him thanks,
And be subject unto Him with great humility.

I had the Blessing to wander Assisi, Italy.   The energy of this man still lingers among the fields, the wind, the flowers, and the beings that wander there.

Peace is obtained when we accept and acknowledge that all are connected as one, whether they walk, fly, swim, crawl or worship at a different style of architecture.

It is my wish that one day my energy will connect with yours and all the animals waiting in that place where energy dwells for eternity.


Blessings and Peace,

ShirlFrancis of Assisi

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“The Diamonds and Rust of Time “

autumn-in-cold-springOne song plays in my head on wistful days……days like the first of October.   Time creates diamonds and time creates rust.  No amount of money stops time and no amount of wishing can bring it back.

October is a good month for diamonds and rust……the sparkling sun dappling through the rust colored leaves….savoring their last moments of time.

As we age, we have to be like those leaves…..the sun and shade, the happiness and sorrow dapples through our lives.   I have lost many friends since the last rust colored leaves soaked up the sun.

I was supposed to attend a wonderful wedding next Saturday; my friend died this past Valentine’s Day. Now his bride to be will spend Saturday in wistfulness, wishing she could bring back time and might have beens.  He was such a loving man, it is appropriate a day of love is one when he will be remembered each year.  I lost a good friend and fellow artist and I lost several of my beloved dogs…..my children at this time in my life.

Water sparkles on a surface just like diamonds before it rusts……just like the water, we have to sparkle in the sun.   Even though time brings more sadness, it also brings new joy if you don’t hide your heart in the shade……let it shine in the sunlight times.  There will be time enough for rust and wish for might have beens…………….







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“I Don’t Get Political on here……..BUT”

Yesterday threw me over the edge.   I keep my thoughts to myself on political issues, don’t get involved in the fray and name calling.   But yesterday just threw me over the cliff; I have to voice my disgust, yes disgust

I am disgusted.   Disgusted at what this country makes its focus.

What was said when a beauty queen gained weight.  If you put yourself in a bathing suit in front of millions of people, who are judging your looks,  expect to get criticized for them…..Frankly, I don’t care.   I care about people getting shot in the streets, getting blown up in a plane, obliterated in IED’s or left with life long traumatic brain injuries.

I am disgusted at the allegations on the misogyny of women constantly hurled at one candidate.   Has the one doing the hurling forgotten the event in the oval office or has she hidden it away in shadows like a stain laden dress.

Between the two of them, it seems more skeletons creep among the shadows than a Haunted Halloween tour.

I am disgusted with people so gullible they think one person can come into office and push a button and make the world either blow up or be rebuilt with walls and major industries.   Buttons delete emails, not festering sores that have deepened into massive wound infections. Voting is not just once every four years, it encompasses a whole body of legislators who must work together and agree on bills, not let policy rifts deepen into chasms that stop all healing for this country.

I am disgusted in a country where technology exists but does not exist in making our transportation safe.   My son was there yesterday at Hoboken terminal, minutes before that train crashed into the wall.   We don’t know the cause yet, but if it was human error, that error could have been detected by technology that wasn’t there.  Today, a young child cries because her mother isn’t there to drop her off at day care.  That woman was someone’s child, like mine.

I am disgusted at crumbling bridges,  tunnels, water main pipes, and roadways.  If we are going to start building any walls, those walls should first be the ones to shore up our deteriorating infrastructures.  I am disgusted at the price of medicines and the poisons in the water that flows out of too many taps.   And in some places, those taps don’t even flow, where indigenous citizens are given less help than countries who despise us.

I am disgusted at political correctness when it seems our whole political path is incorrect.

Will this blog make things better.  Quite frankly, no.   Not for this country.   But for me, at least my thoughts are here.    Am I voting……to me, pulling a lever because one is the lesser of two wrongs is wrong.……and that is my right.


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“What’s for Homework tonight? Nothing.”

I saw a news report on a number of schools doing away with homework.   Kids were interviewed.   They said they were too exhausted, had no time to play outside.”

Give me a break……do you really believe those kids are yearning to go climb a tree out back…..most likely, they will be “zombied” in front of a computer, or TV screen.

Have you seen any spelling or science competitions lately?……It seems our culture is dumbing down and not holding on to the value of working and studying.   Sad, without homework, I feel the downward spiral will progress at an even faster rate.

At least assign a book every two weeks.   If the child cannot give a report, not a cliff note synopsis of the book, then assign homework as a study tool, not a reprimand.

Some school curriculums, my town included, are doing away with the classics.   How many of you would have picked up a Charles Dickens’ book or a Shakespeare play if teachers P1070307hadn’t assigned them?

I write fairy tales, to me it is a fairy tale believing most students will reach for Jane Eyre on the library shelf…….in fact, visit the library at all.   The library, remember the place where we used to do all our term paper research.

But kids won’t have homework to do anymore……….

Is there an emoji for sigh………pretend you are listening to me let out one now………..





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“The Way We Were” (and not the movie)

A little over a week ago, I drove through my hometown late in the evening.   I haven’t done this in quite some time.   The changes were palpable; it wasn’t the same town anymore.   It was a town where you hope the car doesn’t break down on one of the side streets in the more seedier section; it was a town where you twist over and slide the car lock to the down position.

How did this happen?   No place is safe anymore, but why are so many of our hometowns becoming that seedier part, where darkness brings crime and sadly, daylight brings crime as well.  Unlocked doors of autos and homes were not unusual; now neighborhood watch groups are on the lookout for thieves and locks and alarm systems form a forcefield of security around us.

Maybe it was harder then.   After all, our TV sets weighed a ton, our stereos filled the entire wall of the room, our phones were attached to the wall.  Now, it is easy to break in and run with some electronic device.

What happened to our country……was it drugs, was it the economic chasm that split our citizens……..

I have given my children and now my grandchildren all the wondrous things that present times provide…….But one thing I cannot give them………

A young teenage girl and her friend walking on the streets in the dark, in a town where fear did not fill every shadow………..



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