“The Tale of Miss Charlotte Bumbles”

Those who read my blogs know I brought home a baby mouse this past weekend.   He only lived one full day, and peacefully crossed during the night.

I named him Mr. Bumbles, in remembrance of a dear friend, whose birthday it was that Sunday.

Heartbroken, I wondered if I should get another.   The pet store worker had been especially nasty to me, you can read more at my blog from two days ago.

So, my husband drove me to another more distant pet shop to find another mouse to comfort my heart and fill the new cage that forlornly sat empty.

The pet display cases said…….new ones coming soon…….

So, my husband drove me even further away to another store………I didn’t want to meet that nasty worker again at the shop close to me and didn’t want to bring another baby from that same litter who might carry similar illness.

We walked to the small animal display case and a bunch of white mice slept huddled in their plastic cave……while one light brown one reached her paws on the glass to see me.

Her breathing was very heavy……from living with animals all my adult life, I worried about this……it wasn’t a good sign.

I sat there, watching her and worrying about bringing her home and facing the same heartbreak as the days before…….

Finally, after about twenty minutes, she was then sleeping, still breathing very hard…..I said to my husband…..I can’t keep taking the sick ones…..it is too hard on my own heart…..

So, we walked to the car.    I said, don’t go……let’s just sit here for a while……..

My husband turned and said……Are we going back in???

We went back in…….my husband got the worker and asked about her.   I voiced my concerns about her health…..he said it might be stress, a little black and white mouse was sold the day before…..She was the only different one now; perhaps, the bunch of white ones were bullying her………..

That was it……..She came home.    She is thankfully doing well…..enjoying a bunch of good food and a peaceful cage.

I named her Charlotte because she climbs and jumps like Spiderman, so Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web, one of my favorite stories, seemed appropriate…….crawling upside down on the cage roof, dangling on one leg……..

I hope she is well……if not, then that is the price my heart will pay…..by now, I should realize I have a long standing account with the old and sick ones, forever making withdrawals from my heart, but collecting deposits that are priceless in return.   P1170998

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“The Ides”

March 15th, The Ides.
A date best known as the time a God of Rome met his fate.
Ides comes from the Latin word Idus, which defined the mid days of the month.
On this mid month March day, in 44 B.C., Caesar was assassinated.

Throughout history, March 15th has been left with a mark as deep as Caesar’s stab wounds, forever tainted with the bloody demise of this God like ruler.

How fitting that this God of Rome should succumb to 33 thrusts of the blade, the age when one lance to the side ended the life of a young man hung from the cross.

Below……..me in London,

Bronze Statue of Emperor Trajan at Tower Hill


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“Mr Bumbles”…….

Mr. Bumbles crossed peacefully into spirit during the night.   I brought him home from the pet store on Sunday; I have another mouse that is almost a year old now.   The pet store worker was very nasty to me.   I asked for a certain mouse and she said what difference does it make, I don’t have all day when you pick one out….you just want him for food anyway.   Mr. Bumbles wasn’t the mouse I chose, she hastily grabbed Mr. Bumbles by the tail…..but it didn’t matter, the one caught was the one meant to come home that afternoon……  

No, I didn’t want him for food.   Unfortunately, these tiny beings are bred in horrendous conditions…born to be somebody’s meal, that’s all.  For less than the price of a fancy coffee, you can bring one home and choose his fate.   More often than not, they are not in the best of health…..some can bear the stress of being shipped to pet stores and then to another strange home…….some cannot.   Mr. Bumbles could not.

To be loved or eaten………..that is their awaiting destiny…………..

To be loved or eaten……..I choose love.

At least he died in the darkness of night, in peace, with someone who cared to mourn his life when the sun rose.  His eyes were closed in peaceful slumber….not staring fearfully into a predator’s eyes, waiting to snatch his breath.   Maybe he was the one chosen for just that,  to die peacefully in his nest in a safe place.   All my life, old and sick ones have come to me to cross in peace…..

Rest in peace Mr. Bumbles……..your life meant something to me…..and you will always be loved………….


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“My Retrograde Epiphany” Animal Rescue and the Paranormal are Linked

Yesterday, I received a lot of criticism for defense of an animal rescue in Ohio.   This group is holding a fundraiser called “Shake.”   Pet safe paints are poured on the shelter’s elderly dogs……from what I could see, there was an abundance of pit bulls on their site……..Then, the dogs shake if off on to canvas and create Jackson Pollock like interpretations……The paintings are then sold to raise money for the rescue.

People were vicious….they called these rescue volunteers names, they said it was a form of animal abuse……they said it was sick to laugh at an unhappy animal with paint being poured on to his head…….

The one dog featured in a video did not look so thrilled with paint being poured on his fur……….but I asked them……..Would these moments of discomfort equal the fear of being walked to the back room euthanasia table at the shelter????    

Finally, overwhelmed with all the harsh comments, the rescue pulled their page from Facebook……..I read a sponsor of the event backed out after the pressure from animal advocates.

Was it right to so viciously attack the shelter volunteers, hard pressed to come up with ideas to raise funding for these unwanted animals……….Was pouring paint over their bodies the best of ideas…….Well, probably neither of these avenues was the right one to travel………But, these volunteers had good intentions…..to raise money for those who would most likely face death.

Then, I got to thinking of my own avenues in life.   My author bio describes me as an author/animal intuitive/paranormal investigator.   I have spent all of my adult life taking care of animals, those abandoned, unloved, wandering about bereft of love and sanctuary.    Were the wandering spirits I met along these avenues so different?

Throughout life, I have encountered paranormal groups with the same maliciousness toward one another as I felt yesterday.   I never belonged to a “ghost hunting” group, this being a very strong reason.

Those who love animals, those who thirst for answers about other realms……..they should work together, not against one another.

Leading a dog away from the euthanasia table………..informing a lost soul about the welcoming light………….is it really so different…….Our goal is sanctuary, salvation…..eternal life, not wandering “death.”

Too much harsh words yesterday……..what may save a dog a few moments of painted fur may cost him his walk toward that table in the end……………..

This Mercury Retrograde occurs on the 22nd……but for sensitives, its energy is already apparent.    Retrogrades make one ponder the avenues of life………..

Ponder yours……….




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“Add Squirrel Pee to the List”

13138819_1288062507888384_7147353215394542769_nPoor Steve….those who have read Birdsong, Barks, and Banter know my opening chapter begins “If I grow fur and pee on the floor, will you love me more?” as homage to Steve……..
This morning, he opened our front door and on the step a little squirrel did a pee puddle in front of him…….now, add squirrel pee to his resume.

Over the years, I have adopted a bunch of elderly, ill dogs who either never learned or could no longer control their aging bladders.   It hasn’t been easy, I spent years without a day going by when we weren’t cleaning mishaps from our floor.    Long ago, I learned hardwood, not carpeting, was my friend.

These days, we have Poppy…….she is an elderly poodle with dementia.   We adopted her two years ago, at first, she did maneuver her way to the back door, in spite of cataracts clouding her vision.  Then, aggressively, canine dementia set in.

Now, two years later, she is totally blind, she is nearly deaf, and she no longer has any cognitive idea of who she is or where she wanders…..mostly in circles, these days.

We go through more diapers now than when our children were babies.   Caring for old dogs is not easy; harder still, when that old dog does not recognize your affection or have any to outwardly give…….

Do I foresee a day in our future without pee……canine, squirrel………I like to think so, but somewhere in my heart of hearts, I know this probably isn’t so.    I love the old ones, the misfits, the ones no one else wants………

And pee comes with the package…….that is tied up in ribbons around my heart.



and my latest book


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“Where do we draw the line?”

Recently, on social media, I remarked about an upcoming film that was relatable to someone of my “years”…….Book Club……starring Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen.

I received comments from those anti Jane….saying she was a traitor and how could I support this.   I watch a film, for the story, not for the story of each actor who is acting within its frames.   Now, I see comments on social media about the upcoming Roseanne show,  saying she is pro Trump and how those anti-Trump will refuse to watch it.   Roseanne was one of the most accurate portrayals of middle America; I am sure she will remain true to the show’s premise.    Again, I reiterate, do we tune in to watch the show or do we tune in for the actors’ ideologies.    Decades ago, did you watch Roseanne and mull over the idea of building a wall inside your head?

When a tow truck operator pulls up to your inoperable vehicle……..do you ask him……….”For whom did you vote?”

When the plumber comes to unclog your drain……first must he tell you how he stands on immigration policy?

I don’t understand how people are blurring the line here……actors have a job.   They are acting out a story.   I don’t tune in to TV or pay to watch a movie to hear about their political stances………..I am there to laugh, to cry, to be moved by a story.

I am an author………I suppose whether or not you buy my books hinges on whether my words make you laugh, cry, or stir your heart.

But the books are still my words………actors are portraying, for the most part, the words of another.

Why has it become so hard to separate the two………….




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“A Stick, A Stone, and Belief”

I am reading a book about the sacred sites of England and the tourist shops surrounding them.   New Age shops stand in the shadow of standing stones now.   Crystals of every color, pendulums of every stone, and divination tools beckon from every shop window.

Not just England, here in the States, Salem has become a Mecca for those who wish to buy divination abilities.

My own corner of the world’s living space, Gettysburg, has metaphysical shops and ghost tracking equipment shops as well.   EMF meters, divining rods, ghost boxes…….all invite the buyer to hold and possess their power and obtain psychic skills.

But power isn’t on the shelf, the power is in all of us.   It comes from within.   Ancient people knew it.   They used a stick for dowsing, stones as runes, water for scrying.  All the power is within us and around us in nature.   Yes, crystals amplify that power or energy; tools give us added confidence that possession of the unknown can be ours.  But it is our own source of power and belief that guides or blocks these tools.   As it is our own source of power and belief that guides or blocks our paths in life.

Studying metaphysics is learning that you are the tool, you are the energy, you are the source.   It is then that you make the first step out into the world of the unknown.



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