“More crazies than usual” The upcoming eclipse……..

Maybe that’s it………people are acting even crazier because of this huge upcoming eclipse……….
Yesterday, (I kid you not) in AC Moore……ahead of me in line…..was a 6′ tall gentleman, with a huge pot on his head, with the handle facing backwards.  He had a rather thick head of dreadlocks, this pot was big, one step down from my pasta pot…..he had a huge tree bough, not a branch walking stick…….the bough was very thick and about as tall as he was…….
I entered the craft store Twilight Zone…..just waiting to hear Rod Serling beckon me forward…………
No one said a word…….
Would you to a guy with a pot on his head and a tree in his hand…..I give kudos to that check out line clerk, who handled the transaction with grace and business authority.

This week’s news has been extra weird……old guy shooting out utility truck tires, people videotaping and laughing at the tragic misfortune of a drowning victim….a guy in the next town over from me throwing a little dog from a car in a road rage incident.

Some weirdness is amusing……..some isn’t.   Maybe it’s the eclipse, maybe it’s just the weird state of the world………I don’t know.

I hope all your weirdness is amusing.
Good night,


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“Pendle Hill Cottage~~A dream home…?”

One of my real estate fantasies has come on the market……steeped in magick and lore, a Pendle Hill cottage is now available.   It’s not the sparse stone cottage of centuries past………it has been refurbished and adorned with the luxuries of a jacuzzi and stables.  But within her shell, lies the mystery and wisdom of a time lost……the wise ones of Pendle Hill.

I have been intrigued by Pendle Hill ever since I first read of its history……it is one of the few historic places in which I would be quite content to call my home.    I wrote a Pendle Hill fairy tale in one of my books; that is how enthralled I am with the location.   Money brings lavish mansions to most, for me, wealth would bring a means to buy historic, old places, wood and earth infused with magick and spirits………

To some, it is a dream………to some a nightmare, perhaps.    I suppose if the spirits did not wish you here, or wished you here for the wrong reasons, life could become quite a struggle.   Whoever purchases this beautiful home, I hope they do so with the respect she deserves.   Too many places have been turned into attractions and respect and reverence have diminished in favor of profitable ghost hunting overnight stays.

Here is the link……you can see what a lovely home the sunlight shines upon in Pendle Hill.  Once the moon casts her glow……well, one would have to see……Perhaps her sale is contingent upon spending a peaceful night within her walls………..color3





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My power went out this morning.   My writer’s mind always runs rampant during these times……….creating scenarios for the blackout of the end times.

Maybe it’s because I have seen two bombings in real time now in life…..One in Yugoslavia and one at the Twin Towers……

I see the Empire State Building from my bedroom window in Jersey.   Those evacuation plans are ludicrous……you cannot even make it down the shore on a sunny Saturday…….just imagine Garden State Parkway during a nuclear annihilation.

I worry about my refrigerator food……yes, we have a generator, but you need gas.   You need batteries.   If the nuclear wind blows down my street, how will I keep a pack of dogs inside….no open windows, no fresh air, no food.   I don’t buy canned goods in abundance, my survival pantry is minimal, at best.

I have seen people fight over a loaf of bread in the Jersey supermarket during a 12″ snowstorm……my mind conjures images of gun toting maniacs banging on doors and windows, breaking in for  a can of beans.

The power was out for about 20 minutes…….long enough for the apocalyptic novel to be composed in this writer’s head.   My husband, he went and took a nap……mind clear of any worries……….
Sigh………..the writer’s mind………..

Maybe I will buy an extra can or two or three of beans today……….




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“Nantucket” Part II

A half moon island at the edge of our Northern American world……….or so it seems……that is Nantucket.

Once you visit, the sand gets into the soles of your shoes…….and with it, the longing to return.

It isn’t so big in miles, but there are so many corners and sand filled roads to traverse……be forewarned, traveling on those roads is bumpy.

Even in town, the cobblestone streets make for a  tumultuous ride.  But that is Nantucket, it shakes you up, awakens your energy to the sea and the salty wind and the energy of this corner of the world……..Bring a GPS, you can get lost on that island…….fret not, you can navigate by one of the three lighthouses……

Great Point…….where hundreds and hundreds of seals bask in the sun.

Sankaty……. where the beautiful sunsets of Sconset compete with the light.

Brant Point…….walking distance to the ferry landing…….the lighthouse that welcomes you to the island.

There is a feeling here………of stepping back into time……..where neighbors walk in early morning and early evening, saying hello as they pass.   Where doors are kept unlocked and the sound of angry car horns is forgotten……….

Where friendly dogs stroll their neighborhoods

and baby bunnies run beside their mothers in the grass………..

Where time melds together……..and you will set its course by the rising and setting sun.

Where the dark skies still allow the beacons of stars to shine upon the beacons of sailor’s guardians.

Each lighthouse has a distinct beacon.   Mariners of long ago and perhaps today counted the seconds between beacon beams to determine which lighthouse point on the island.   For example……..5 seconds between beams, would mean this lighthouse……10 seconds, this one……..

It seems when walking the streets of centuries old houses that one might pass one such mariner……..and perhaps one does and does not realize his presence.   For it is not hard to fathom that spirits would return to this unique place……shrouded in fog and timelessness.Nantucket Words





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“Sea Spirits”

Spirits of the dead greet me wherever I travel.   If you read my book, “The Returning Ones,” it journals experiences in Ireland where both human and animal spirits made their presence known along the way.   One particular animal bone we buried in a homemade cairn of rocks at Sligo Abbey, hopefully, bringing peace to his soul.

This past week, in Nantucket, these remains lay on the sand……….the remains of a wondrous creature of the sea…..one I have written about many times in my fairy tale books.   I dream of seals and selkies…….part of me wished I could hold these remnants and turn back into one and swim into the sea.   I left him undisturbed…..wishing his remains be at peace.   Perhaps his spirit had already left for the depths of the ocean……or perhaps his spirit now turned into human form to walk the sand……..I hope the wind blown sands cover what is left of his bones……in case one day he looks for them and returns to the waves.

For more of my sea folklore and fables, visit my author page.   My latest, “By Salt Water, Tales of the Sea,” has many tales of seals and selkies.   ❤



https://www.amazon.com/Shirl-Knobloch/e/B00OEW2XJQ/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0seal body copyright

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I just returned from Nantucket.   There are places in this world where you belong.   Is it past life recollection, something present in the air, the beings that inhabit and breathe in that air……………

Each of us has such a place……for me, it is Nantucket.   I loveNantucket Words this photo.   The starkness of black and white, me looking like one of them, a black and grey seal…..only tied to the sand with two legs.  In this photo, we are one being…….seal skin, human feet……one soul.



Author “By Salt Water: Tales of the Sea”

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“Memories of Dad and my Misfits”

My dad tolerated his furry grandchildren. Those of you who read Birdsong, know he even took Snoopy into his home. He hemmed and hawed about my dogs, but he would give them pieces of table food in his kitchen…….
Once, we tried to hide the fact that I had yet another rescue in my house. My dad wasn’t one for visits, he would stop in at the door and drop something off, or pick something up…..usually my kids because he took them to and from school. We had been “hiding” our latest familv member from him, a little cairn terrier. One day, I opened the door, forgetting to put little Gingersnap in the other room. She raced to the door and started jumping on my dad………I heard the mumbles and comments. My dad knew he was a man defeated by fur…………..
He would race my dogs to the emergency clinic if one were seriously ill.  He would pay for expensive veterinary treatments.    I remember once my dad paid a very expensive bill at the vet hospital.   When I gave the receptionist the check, she said it was short by cents, it was under a dollar.   I didn’t have any money on me.   I remember that walk out to the car and  to my dad to get the change from him.   He did all this for me, and stored inside my memories are all these gestures.
When my cockatiel died, he quietly gave my daughter money and told her to go to the pet shop and bring me another one home…….I still have Chip…….
I remember he once went into a rant at a NJ toll booth operator who worked at the pace of a snail when we had my little toy poodle in the back seat……transporting him to a sophisticated vet facility when my own vet said it was the only chance for him to live…….and live he did.
My dad was one who took care of us, all of us, fleshed and furry…….and he continues in spirit to watch over all of us now.
He tried to take care of everybody……stacks and stacks of charity mail came to his house every month.   He would put a dollar in each one…..He would proudly show us pictures that children had drawn for him.   (I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were just form letters and a child had not sat down and colored one specifically for him)…….His eyes were poor, his handwriting shaky at this point.  But he continued sending his dollars to them all.   Once, he composed a letter to be sent upon his death to each of the charities he had sent donations……apologizing to all  because his dollars would no longer come.
In his lifetime, he is credited with saving the lives of others.   He was a Police Captain, he was given a citation for saving teenagers from drowning, he once ran into a building on fire and later had to be treated for exposure to hazardous chemicals……I remember the panic I felt as a kid watching him run across the street when a power line fell on a neighbor’s car in the driveway…….
When I lost my dad, I lost the one who was always there to save me……it is a horrible feeling to be an orphan, for those of us who have lost our parents now become one.  And, as we age, we become the one our children look upon to save them……….
So…….for all saviors today…….
I wish happiness.
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