“Why Friday the 13th Brings Fear”

The history of our fears is fascinating.
Friday, the 13th is most fascinating, for it combines the terrors of two evils into one terrifying day for some.
The fear of the number 13……it has a name, but spelling it would take up a few lines of this blog, so I shall pass on that attempt.
Add the fear of Friday, so many cultures fear this day of the week; combine the two, and you have a reason for some not to want to get out of bed today.  The number thirteen literally could mean bread of life for bakers in 13th Century England.

Bakers could be penalized, fined, or even lose one of their kneading hands if they were found to sell “short”……
So bakers, worried that one loaf might burn, might be unsellable in the dozen….would bake an extra loaf…..the 13th…..the baker’s dozen.
This insured that the weight of the wheat in the loaves would not come up short….so thirteen was their assurance of a prosperous, happy life.
Twelve was always revered as a Blessed number, the 12 Apostles, the 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the 12 Gods on Mt. Olympus…..you get my drift.
But add a number to that, and it throws the energy of Blessing into imbalance, unrest, fear……
Friday was thought to be an ominous day ever since the time of the Canterbury Tales. Don’t undertake a journey on Friday….
Investors think upon it with dread………Black Friday.
A day for Crucifixion.
Friday, itself, is named for Frigga, a Norse Goddess. She was banished to a mountain, and held meetings to plot malevolence with a coven of eleven witches and the devil……you guessed right…….Thirteen.
Guess what day of the week these meetings took place…….
For centuries, people in this culture regarded Friday as the Witch Sabbath.
How about you……
Does a number and name of a day send chills up your spine…..just keep your eyes out for ladders today….walk around them……… :-)

What better day to preview my upcoming book about Witches and Fairy Tales then today…………….Coming soon to Amazonwitch fairy tale cover full

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“Last Night’s Jesus Christ Superstar”

I am a tough critic.   Back in the last century, I saw the original production of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway.  It was unforgettable; the energy and presence of a young, yet unknown, Ben Vereen as Judas electrified the stage.  A teacher at my high school organized a bus trip to the City to see it; I couldn’t race fast enough to get the money and sign on.   Looking back, it was a very “relaxed trip.”   We were given free reign over the City before show time….Others had partners; I was always a loner.   I remember walking around the block by myself….I had a lot more courage back then, before age and worries about what ifs invaded my brain.   I felt energized and excited; I can still remember what I was wearing…..a velvet black blazer and boots, jeans tucked inside.   I snagged that beautiful blazer on a street vendor’s cart and tore a gash in the side…..funny the things you remember.

Last night……John put his heart into that role, but I think he really didn’t own it until upon the cross.   Just like Ben, it was Judas who electrified the stage.   I really don’t like mixing Jesus in with cell phones and it was like Twilight Zone seeing Alice Cooper as King Herod with his feather dancing groupies.   I am old school, I like Jesus in the desert and followers in robes……(though I must admit, the use of scarves was very cleverly portrayed throughout the performance.)

On the whole, the show was a success……as energizing as my solitary walk among the streets of Broadway……and if cell phones and feathers make it more appealing to this generation….then, so be it………

For me, the memory of watching the original will never be surpassed……until one day when the real cast of characters is revealed…..especially the one with the real gash on his side.

Blessings,moonlight's mourning


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“In my Easter Bonnet”



Easter…….do you remember spring coats?    Each spring, it was time to get a new spring coat.   I haven’t heard that expression in quite a number of decades.   I, myself, never got spring coats for my own daughters.   In fact, the last time I remember getting them
Easter outfits was when they were very small,  the youngest in kindergarten.   I think I still have those outfits ……..they matched.   A white jacket top over a black pleated skirt with a red flower corsage.   Not exactly Easter colors, but ……..at least, they didn’t get bonnets.

I left the world of spring coats and Easter bonnets far behind me by then.   I had enough trauma from Easter pageants at my own elementary school, where we paraded our handmade Easter bonnets on the auditorium stage.   Mine had artificial flowers……not the kind Michael’s sells now, I am sure.   Mine were the ugly, plastic kind  (I have blocked them from my memory) melted in one plastic blur……….

I do remember the fuzzy chicks on pipe cleaners that emerged from glittery half egg shells…those were nice……not on my head, but nice……….  🙂

I guess everyone else looked as stupid as I did……..and I bet not many of them dressed their girls in Easter bonnets after that……..

I don’t dress up for Easter…….when my children were young, we went to Church.   It was more parish fashion day than celebration of Christ’s rising from the dead.

But I admit, I have dressed up my dogs in Easter bonnets……….I leave that for mental analysis   🙂



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“Yoga with Bud”

Bud is my yoga partner.   His siblings are too rambunctious and banished to another room; but Bud lies beside my yoga mat, teddy bear gently clasped in his mouth, practicing his own meditative routine.

Usually, the teddy bear is stolen by Landon…….now, for these brief morning moments, Bud has dominion over the toy bin, over the rest of the house and can peacefully lower his stress, raise his comfort level and feel grounded to his space.   Isn’t that the purpose of yoga….some do it on a mat……some only need a teddy bear.

Namaste   🙂

Shirl and Bud

buds bear



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“Gettysburg Snow”

I spent the past couple of days in Gettysburg, visiting the battlefield in the snow.   My favorite time…..not many adventurous tourists braving the winds and cold, no ticks trying to snuggle up my pant leg.   I have been having problems with my Facebook page, so I thought here would be a nice place to catch up and chat.

We went to a nice restaurant on Friday night, in the next town over.
Restaurants are great places for blog writers.   You can see and overhear so much from the diners nearby.   I remember our last visit, a woman chewed out her husband the entire meal for ordering steak.   The rant was endless, You know you can’t eat that…..are you really going to finish all that……..and so on and so on.   The man retaliated, probably eating more than the point at which his stomach was satiated…..I am sure he went home with indigestion……more so from the nagging partner across his table.

Friday night was a different scenario.   Well dressed couple…….complete with a little square box shaped cooler.   This restaurant is a BYOB one….people bring their own wine and the waiters uncork and bring glasses.    This woman took out her own flask, not something you see every day.   Then, out of the cooler came a gallon size ziploc bag full of ice……I kid you not……..ICE.    Now, couldn’t you ask the waiter for more ice…..This ice bag made its appearance several more times……especially the one where a stray cube flew across the floor……… The pièce de ré·sis·tance was when their own tupperware type container came out of the cooler to encase some leftover sauce from the meal.

You see a lot of strange things around Gettysburg……mists, apparitions, lights appearing…..this nears the top of strangest…..and I wasn’t even ghost hunting………. 🙂

I took some photos on the battlefield……here is a favorite spot of mine…….The Irish Brigade Wolfhound Monument…….captured through my infrared lens……….

Thanks for stopping by to chat……




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“All I’ve Got is a Photograph”………Bailey’s message from the Spirit Realm One Year After his Crossing…….

Ringo became a Knight……and my Bailey Gargoyle is crossed a year now.   Ringo’s song took on a different meaning after George crossed…..a more poignant meaning.    Not just a band member not coming back, but a friend, never coming back to his mate’s mortal side.

Bailey was my troublemaker.   In spite of all his antics and aggravation, I miss that boy…….my alien pom.   Bailey was attuned to the spirit realm…….he saw things before I did.   I could turn to him looking at a visiting spirit and know something new was in my house………

One year ago, I wrote about his sign from the other side………….https://sknobloch88.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/bailey-is-still-causing-trouble-my-little-aliens-sign/

Now, my Bailey has sent me another message.    I have been immersed in memories because of the Retrograde, also because this is the time of his suffering and crossing last year.

Quite ironically, my four year old grandson, who never mentioned Bailey in almost a year, asked for him last week, and again the other day……..

The other morning, over breakfast, I talked of Bailey and how it was a year since he crossed………Last year, my husband had found a Civil War era tintype (photograph) of a dog who looked remarkably like Bailey and bought it for me.    I have him in a little box right next to me as I write this, at my computer.

The other evening, my husband went in the computer room to fetch a DVD for us to watch…….In the middle of the floor, was the tintype.    How this fell upon the floor, how it leapt out of the box……..how neither of us saw it in the middle of the floor earlier (and we were in the room)……is a mystery……….OR IS IT……..

Not to me, I know it is my Bailey…….he is the one who knows the channel setting……..he knows the way in and out of the spirit realm………and he came to say “Hi Mom” once again.

I have more than a photograph,  I have memories……..but my heart still wishes I had him, had all of them………But I am thankful for his visits and all the visits the spirit realm has granted to me…………


Shirl   (Pictured here is the tintype……..It seems Bailey was my dog in Civil War times too.

tintype Bailey



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“Feeling the Effects of this Retrograde”

The Mercury Retrograde officially begins the day after tomorrow, but many of us sensitive to the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos are already feeling the pull.    The pull of memories, of past hurts, of past friends or relationships that creep back upon us during these Retrogrades.

My sleep patterns shift…….usually interrupted by dreams or memories in the night that suddenly emerge from long ago.

I cleaned a drawer out today and found my old telephone/address book from decades ago.   All but a couple of relatives have now crossed into spirit.    The addresses belong to someone new; the phone numbers long ago disconnected.    I tucked it back in the drawer; I should throw it out, but just cannot.   It would be like erasing all those names, all those homes I visited as a child.   I remember my Aunts calling me, now most of my Aunts and Uncles are gone.   Retrogrades bring wistful memories to our hearts and minds.   It is easy to be influenced by past relationships and think about rekindling old flames.   Just remember the reasons you left those relationships in the past, think very clearly during this Retrograde before you take one step forward and two steps back.

Retrogrades are nothing to dread, in fact, they can bring a lot of clarity to the wounds and hurts of the past and give us opportunity to let them go and face the reality of why they went wrong.

If you haven’t been in touch with that elderly Aunt or old friend in a long while…..use the Retrograde to make that call again……….one day, the person waiting on the other end of the line will have a new name,  the person at the opposite side of the door will bear a new face……….

Go home again while you still can……….



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