“Forgiving Consequences”

In today’s news, the New York Library is having a one time “forgive all” event.   All library late fees will be wiped clean for anyone under 17 years of age.

Sounds nice, right?   I don’t know.   This seems to be a world of no consequences anymore…….Grades are being abolished from school systems; children of this generation don’t have the same chance at “learning consequences” it seems.   My grandson in kindergarten knows that library books are borrowed, not owned.   You face a consequence if you don’t obey the rule.   When I went to school, grades were the scale of achievement….not merely a pass or fail check mark.

Yes, I know it is a one time, nice gesture due to a library grant, but what does this gesture do to all those kids who owed a fine.  Owing a fine used to be a big deal, you were scared to lose or detain a book’s return.   There was even a Seinfeld episode devoted to the haunted mind of Jerry, who owed decades of accumulated fines.

Will this forgiveness cause some to believe that consequences will not always be waiting for those who abuse privileges and rules…….

I leave this question for those of you to ponder and comment.

I have a new book coming out for Halloween.   It is a collection of ghost stories as only a medium could create……Get one to enjoy, or give one to a friend who is suffering grief and needs to feel continuance of energy does exist in another realm.



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As a kid of Italian heritage, I grew up learning Christopher Columbus was the hero of the Italian community……discoverer of America.
When I got older, I started to learn about the Vikings and their possible pre- Columbus ventures to the New World.
When I got older still, I learned unpleasant things about both……to conquer, you must plunder, pillage, rape….unfortunately, to the victor belong the spoils….. 😦 Money, a lost culture, impregnated women, slaves…….all the “booty” of conquest.
Columbus Day is tomorrow……and so the protest voices will ring out loud and clear. What should we do?………Roll Plymouth Rock out to the Atlantic……..you do know the Puritans put indigenous peoples’ heads on spikes……don’t you………It all depends on who’s winning the massacre that year………
Pardon my satire…….humor gets me through all the stupidity and nonsense of protests to change the face of history……….Eradicate the statue…….erase the history? Oh, if it were just that easy…………….
So…….Happy Columbus Day, Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day………Happy whatever makes you happy in this troubled world……….
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“To Bees and Time”

Another year passed…….my Queen Bee is now 3……my tiny bumblebee is in a world of severe dementia and blindness and now gets stuck in weird places, like my TV cabinet the other night. When I first brought the tiny bumblebee home, she and Aura Lea became fast friends. Now Aura Lea tolerates this tiny dog, Poppy always stumbling into her, stumbling on top of her, stumbling everywhere……….wondering where her friend has “gone”………..

Time flies for a wolfhound…….three years in a life short even in dog terms.   Time has no meaning for a tiny poodle trapped in a senile world of darkness.   She gets stuck in places now, we have had to block off the back of our refrigerator, the back of our computer with all the wires……..if there is a nook to be fit inside, Poppy will find it.

So today, this blog is dedicated to bees and time…..

Both are fleeting………BEE

More of my stories of my furry children can be read within my books.  Check them out on Amazon.   thanks.




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“Not a moment to say good-bye”

I saw a sorrowful sight yesterday……..no, not the suffering of animals in Irma or Harvey’s path.   I have seen too many of those to count, each one like the jab of a sharp dagger.

No, yesterday’s was subtle…….not very apparent unless you happened to catch it with your eyes.   Most didn’t, most were texting, listening to earphones, reading electronic devices…………..

I was at the hospital, in the surgical waiting room.   It was full.   Among the people, sat a father with two children, I would estimate late teens, early twenties.

The son had his knee in a brace, was holding on to another brace in his hands.   When the attendant called him in to the back for surgery, he got up, walked a couple of steps, then turned his head around and looked at his sister, giving her a slight wave.   She never looked up, she was busy on her device, texting letters and scrolling the screen.   How sad……….

Going in that back room is scary, no matter how slight the procedure……….anesthesia is tricky………this is always a risk.

I don’t know how the young man did…….I hope well……….for both his and his sister’s sake, who couldn’t spare a moment to say goodbye.



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“A Grasp on Things”

Yesterday, I went shopping in my local market.   There was a gentleman there, in the pet food aisle, struggling to put sizable bags of birdseed into his cart.  He didn’t have hands, he had metal claws, for want of a better word.   Not the fancy prosthetics designed today; these were the metal appendages of earlier times.   His cart was already filled with several large bags of wild birdseed, here he was, struggling to grasp one more.

My husband turned to me when we got in the next aisle and said, “Did you see that?”  “Yes,” I answered.  I had seen him times before in the market; his metal hands deftly handling money at the register.

In silence, my husband and I both drank in what we had seen.   My husband, I am sure, felt empathy.   He is always first to say, can I help you get that down from the shelf…….But this time, he kept silent.   I suppose we don’t want the other person to feel incapable, when really they show how superior they are when compared to us.

Me, I felt the love, the attachment to the animals.   In a world of human stares, human pity,  the birds sang in his garden for him, not a man with metal hands, but a man who feeds them lovingly each day.

When the world is mean, so many of us turn to them.   Those who sing, bark, purr……not those who stare and judge.

Even in the darkest of mornings……a bird sings, knowing the light will followdove reiki…………I am donating all profits of all of my books to the animals hurt by the path of Harvey.  Please visit Amazon ……..type in Shirl Knobloch and see all my books.  Help me help those who have brightened my life with song, barks, and purrs………..




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“Donations for the Animals”

Those who follow my blog each day,  I am donating 100%, every penny, of my personal profits to help animals in the aftermath of Harvey during this time of such immense tragedy.

Please SHARE my blog post, SHARE my books.   Let me help those who inspired me to write so many of my stories…….

Thank you.


I have chosen the Best Friends Animal Society Harvey Relief Fund and the Houston Humane Society to contribute funds …..


https://www.amazon.com/Shirl-Knobloch/e/B00OEW2XJQ/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0Profile pic

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“Always check the wheel….words of advice for all mice lovers”

If you read my blogs, you know I have a pet mouse.  Having a mouse has made me realize the intelligence these tiny beings possess.   Each morning, my Blaze comes to the rungs of his cage and sticks out his tiny nose and mouse paws at this strange creature singing Good Morning……….okay, it’s for the corn muffin or pancake treat that comes with his morning vegetable or fruit.

The one worry of anyone who owns a mouse is his escaping.    Blaze’s cage needs to be cleaned every couple of days……..mice have their own particular “aroma”…..it can be quite pungent……to put it nicely…….I call him stinky  :-).

Anyway, after years of caring for small beings like dwarf hamsters, I have come up with a pretty good method, which I thought fool proof.  Until this morning.  I have a large plastic bin, which I put Blaze’s entire cage inside, then I open the cage, let him out to roam the bin (which he cannot climb out of) and clean the cage.   The clean cage is then lowered back into the bin, careful not to squash mouse feet or other personal parts, and then, when he climbs inside, I attach the top on again.        Easy……right?

Well today, my husband lifted the cage out of my bin…….cleaning a mouse cage is a two human procedure.  I asked alarmingly, “Where’ the mouse!!!”   Blaze had been in his wheel when my husband lifted him….about five feet off the ground, to place him back on the table…..Blaze was now out of the wheel, thank God he kept inside on his high ferris wheel ride, and was now leisurely roaming the top of my table, chewing on the tablecloth.  How do you lift a mouse cage off the table with no bottom……that was the problem.   How do we safely get him back in the large plastic bin?

“Wait,” I shouted.  ” Let’s think about this”……..as my husband attempted to slide the bottom under the top …….a mouse can sneak through the tiniest of openings……I was fearful Blaze would escape and run right off the table…….

“I know,” I proceeded………” I will place his corn muffin crumb in the wheel, he will go back inside, then you can quickly slide on the bottom.”

Well, Blaze decided he was going to place his head in the wheel and chew, with his bottom and paws firmly planted on the tablecloth.

“Let me get a cup,” I suggested.   My dwarf hamsters always climbed in cups.   Blaze wasn’t having any part of the cup trickery.

Finally, after five minutes of stress, we got him safely inside, where he happily commenced chewing on his muffin crumb.

My advice to all mouse owners………always check the wheel………….


Shirl and BlazeBreakfast.jpg

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