“For Linda Woyurka”

Another dear friend is preparing to leave this earth.  She is in hospice, with days left to reside in her mortal shell.  There is a full moon coming, full moons herald endings in life, a lot of times a farewell to a feminine presence.   I hope the full moon guides her, if that will indeed be her time to leave.

Linda Woyurka is an inspiration to me.   I met her through mutual friends in Gettysburg.  The disfigurement of her face dimmed in the bright light of her essence.  We shared a unique bond;  the cancer that had ravaged her had taken my young niece, so I knew the incredible suffering she had endured.   And I use that word knew hesitantly, for no one can know the incredible battle she fought and is still fighting as I write these words.

In a way, Linda offered me comfort.   I saw what she endured to live, and was thankful that the Universe had spared my niece that suffering.   I told Linda everything my niece had endured, how part of her tongue was removed, how all her teeth had to be pulled, how this beautiful 29 year old girl’s life was taken away from her tiny son and all who loved her.   Linda knew the suffering, she had endured the same.   It was a short suffering for my niece, she succumbed quickly.   Linda lived.  She wasted no time enjoying each day of life until the enemy returned.  She suffered but she also shared with me and all who knew her such an incredible thankfulness for each day.

Days that would have thrust most of us into despair, she spent enjoying the birds, enjoying all her cats, both inside and feral, and cooking delicious meals;  though she could now only drink a liquid diet.

Each morning, her posts inspired me to heights of gratitude.   What should I possibly have to complain about, when this kind and thoughtful woman was telling me to enjoy my day?

I have met some wonderful friends in Gettysburg, and I have also lost a few.   Now, Linda will journey on and I know meet up with them.

The energy of Gettysburg still holds the courage and valor of those who perished long ago.  And to this day, the energy of courage and valor permeates the air as the brave continue to walk its Hallowed Grounds.

Linda is one of them;  her energy will linger.   It will linger in the hearts of friends.   It will stop in at our favorite book shoppe.   It will walk beside us on Remembrance Day, and remember we will.

I am a better person for knowing her……May her crossing be filled with peace and light and many, many waiting furry little feline paws to hold her hand along the way.

Perhaps someone will read this to you my friend and let you know the impact you have had on me.

With much gratitude for our friendship,

Blessed Journey.


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The Blessing of the Water

August 15th is known as the Blessing of the Waters day in the Catholic faith. It is the day when the Oceans are believed blessed…
The faithful come to dip their feet or little holy water bottles into the waves. I grew up knowing about this tradition.
This day is revered as the day of the Assumption of Mary. Mary, it is told, rose to Heaven at the time of death; her body did not endure the decay and corruption of mortal beings.
She was given this honor as Jesus’ mother……a unique death….
Peaceful, Beautiful, Extraordinary.
On this day, the waters flow with peace and holiness for her…..
You don’t have to be near to the Ocean to honor her day…..even a little birdbath in your yard can be a place of peace tomorrow.
Float a tiny blossom for Mary…..visit a nearby pond where geese swim and toss in a treat for them….Say a prayer to keep our oceans blessed and healthy.
Without the health of the waters, we cannot survive on earth.
Pray that our Oceans remain…..
Peaceful, Beautiful, Extraordinary……………For more customs and traditions of generations past….visit my latest book on Amazon

https://www.amazon.com/Waiting-Next-Village-Attack-Reminisces/dp/0997475242/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471213741&sr=8-1&keywords=waiting+for+the+next+village+attackPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00067]



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“Changes in my Intuitive Work ” Decisions by the Sea


I am making a change in my path in my work as an Intuitive Guidance Sensitive for people.  I think my time near the sea has enabled decisions that have been waiting to be made to surface.bliss

This gift bestowed on me has been a heavy responsibility that I never took lightly.   Giving guidance to others on their paths in life is one I always gave with much care and thought and integrity.

I never gave out answers, but always tried to direct one in what I saw as the best direction.  Sometimes clients heeded; many times they didn’t, and continued on the wrong but necessary path to learn their own lessons.   Sometimes, they returned the next month with the same questions and wondered why things had not changed, when they, themselves, had not.

Many times, I have turned away those who came back, knowing the help I had given was already all that I could do.  I hold my head proudly and can truthfully say I never took advantage of my clients monetarily or took advantage of those in desperation, and never held money in higher place than what was right.

Readings take a stressful toll on me and I am at the point in life where I am grateful to have done this work but now must allow my own energy to replenish.  At this time, I realize that each must walk his chosen path and not much anyone else advises will stray one from his own choice.

I have been struggling with this decision for quite some time, waiting for the time I knew was right.  That time has come.   Intuitive Guidance Sessions for people will no longer will offered.

I will still hold animal communication and mediumship sessions, as the energy of animals has always been a beautiful connection for me and I have been blessed with each and every animal I have connected with in energy.

My mediumship work with people crossed will continue as well.   There is no greater feeling than knowing you have helped a love one connect with one he has lost.

My mediumship sessions on people and pets crossed will still be available through email at shirl@briarrosereiki.com

I thank all of my clients over the years.   I wish you blessings on your paths ahead.

***Also, throughout the years I have given services free of charge to many searching for lost pets; veterinarians have asked and I have worked with them in finding lost clients’ pets.  There is nothing quite so wonderful in knowing a little life was saved in terrible weather or unknown situations because of my help.  But this work is also severely hard on my own energy.  In the past couple of years, I have connected with lost pets who no longer walk in our Realm.  I never tell a client out right that I sense a pet has gone.   This is cruel and something I could not inflict on another’s heart.   But I have tried to hint….saying I feel the energy is very weak and weakening…I would tell them to be prepared if a loved one does not find his way home again.   Sometimes, they understood and accepted.   Sometimes, they didn’t and I would read on Facebook how they had contacted another communicator, often one who charged very high amounts, not working freely as I did, and one who promised them hopes.   Hopes I sensed were not genuine.   And this has affected me, affected my own energy.   I am no longer accepting lost dog requests, I get many, many emails about lost pets.   And though it breaks my heart, I can longer place this heavy energy on my own shoulders.

I am going to focus on my mediumship work, where the energy of those crossed is most times one of pure love and light and in those few times when it is not, it comes from a place of hurt during life, which needs to be explained to loved ones.  And more time will be devoted to my writing.

As always, I will never charge higher for sessions.   Throughout the decades, my fee has never changed; I don’t believe in using my gifts to take advantage of grieving hearts.

You may find me at www.briarrosereiki.com to schedule a mediumship session.

Go in Love and Light,


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“Safe Harbor” A Rainbow Bridge on Earth

I had read Nantucket is filled with wild bunnies.   But I didn’t expect to experience the joy of early morning walks surrounded by them…..babies nursing on their mother’s milk, playful pairs doing “binkies” in the sun.   For those of you who have never had a pet bunny, they jump and twirl when happy, and this is called a binky.

The island is a safe harbor for them……there were signs posted that said, “No Hunting.”   That is nice, for my own home in Gettysburg is often jarred by the sound of shotgun blasts; and I fear for the being caught in the sight of the hunter.

I awoke to deer crossing our courtyard in the early morning, fawns trailing behind.   They were too quick for my camera; the moment they sensed me, they would run.

I love animals.   My home is filled with them.   People would imagine my vacation would be escaping them.   But no, my happiness comes from being among them.

The bunnies, the deer, the seals….in a safe little Island…….A Rainbow Bridge on earth, that is the joy for me on Nantucket.   Nantucket is a place of refuge for the wealthy; for me, the riches of this Island  are the beings of the land and sea that call it home.

I would rather eat a sandwich on my terrace with a bunny hopping by than dine in the most exclusive restaurant in town.






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“There are Reasons Unseen”

P1120389Sometimes, there are stories that stick with you.   This is one I read about in a book I purchased on Nantucket, “Nantucket Love Stories,” by Jim Patrick.

It was the story of a comely girl, not quite as beautiful as some of her fellow Island maidens, but with intelligence and wit.

She loved a childhood friend, he warmly greeted her on return sea voyages, but soon left again without a letter.   She imagined letters in her head, the life they would have when he settled down and asked for her hand in marriage.

Her hopes and heart were dashed when he did return home one day, with his new love.

At first she shut herself away from the world, not so hard to do when you are in Nantucket.  But, time and curiosity set her out to see more of the world and she met an older widower with 7 children to raise.

Did she marry for love?   Who knows.   Did he love her, or was she the means to motherhood for his children?

She bore him 10 more children.   One of them was someone whose name you might recognize………Benjamin Franklin.

What might have happened if a young sea mariner returned a young girl’s affections……Evidently, the course of life, love, and history had a different path to take.

Ben Franklin was born on Nantucket Island to Abiah Folger.

Folger….that’s another name you might recognize.   Seems that during the Gold Rush, when people were leaving the island to pan for gold, Abiah’s father was leaving with a bag full of coffee beans and a grinder.    He served coffee to the miners, and lined his pockets with the gold of coffee beans.




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“Ghostly Pranks on Nantucket”

I am familiar with a ghost hunting town.   Gettysburg has lantern lit tours in the evenings;  apprehensive tourists wait for each thump, each whisper in the dark.  Usually, spirits find you when you don’t seek them out; but I still like to sample the local lore and so I took a historic tour through Nantucket last week.

The tour was enjoyable, it went from 8-10:30 and wove actual accounts of history among the ghost tales, which is always the best way to tell a spirit story.

Most amusing, though, weren’t the actual stories of ghost encounters.   Actually, it was the staunch New Englander reactions to ghost tales themselves.

Now, don’t misunderstand, a large group of those New Englanders have faced experiences that cannot be understood in logical terms.   But some still either deny or refuse to accept the notion that some century old residents hate to leave their secluded island in the sea.

We walked along several dark streets, no street lamps lit our way.   Some streets are so narrow you can literally reach inside an open window as you pass by.   Arms outstretched through car windows can shake the hands of residents and ghosts alike within the grey shingled walls.

Some residents don’t like this, understandably.   We had to cross the street, could not walk in front of their homes or authorities would be notified.   Some residents took precious time out of their lives to glue loose change on the pavement, then watch with amusement as ghost hunters bent down to retrieve it.   Most of these pranks were from the children.   Our tour guide told us they donned sheets at the windows, liked to howl in the dark.   On my tour, a number of cars rode by heckling the guide leader and those of us stupid enough to spend money on such a tour.

But do you know what is stupid?   Closing one’s mind to the idea that life in some different energetic form does exist.   Just ask the large number of Nantucket residents who have seen it firsthand.   History leaves traces and footprints in the sand;  learning history is also learning of the people who might still be leaving energetic

“footprints” today.

Should you ever travel to Nantucket, look up Raven’s GhostWalk.   You will enjoy it.




Orbs Watermark

The Quakers are still meeting in the Meeting House

Book cover The Returning Ones

My own Ghost Hunting experiences.

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“It Wouldn’t Be Fair”

Casper faceYesterday, I was in Petco.   I saw a very old dog in a diaper, munching on treats his little boy was tenderly feeding to him.   The dog was blind and deaf, fur was sparse in some spots, but you could see the boy loved him.

The boy’s mother knew I was watching closely;  old dogs always capture my sight and heart.  She turned to me and said, he is 16.   Caring for him has become more difficult.   Now, with school starting in September, it just wouldn’t be fair to him any longer, we are going to put him down.

I was crying when I left that store.   I was thinking of my Bobby, of my Bram, of my Tad, of my Casper.   Four children of mine I had to put down within the past 2 years.   Not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

I hate hearing that phrase……it wouldn’t be fair to them.   It’s a nice way of coloring in the blurred lines of when caring for a pet is too much bother and too inconvenient.

After two cancers, one heart disease, and one neurological issue, I couldn’t bear the words of my vet telling me, I did the right thing anymore.   I had to euthanize my dogs, they were suffering and on the verge of dying in a few days.   Bobby’s tumors had grown so fast, oxygen couldn’t get to them and they were turning black and suffocating both themselves and him.   Bram’s gums were darkening, he was having trouble breathing.   Casper’s body was so riddled with tumors he would perish without help in a suffering way within days.   Tad had no interest in life anymore, he was a slowly starving body without movement, sight, hearing, or ability to take food anymore.

How I wish I could have had them in my life longer……the phrase it wouldn’t be fair to him hurts those of us who feel life has not been fair to our hearts, when more time would have been cherished.

I left the store in silence.   I have no right to judge with my head, only with my grieving heart.   I am sure her little dog was given much love during his life;  I hope her little boy understands and accepts that September when he begins another year, his friend will begin another journey.

Treasure the days when all is fair………


This is a news article I read this morning, it tells of one couple treasuring each fair day………..http://familypet.com/blind-and-aging-sheltie/







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