“Even Squirrel Spirits Visit Me”


I went cemetery exploring yesterday…….I love taking photos of the beautiful statuary in old cemeteries and finding little “treasures” hidden inside these quiet places.

I mostly love the trees.   The trees in cemeteries speak to me.   I find spirits within them and sometimes, they find me.

This one was especially touching…….especially to those of you who know my relationship with one special little beggar who comes calling at my doorstep every day.

I guess word travels fast among squirrels……..even squirrels in spirit know they have a friend in me……….

Look at this tree……..tell me you don’t see the spirit of a squirrel staring down at me.

Here are the cemetery photos and one of my endearing little friend……..



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“Medieval Doors……just my size”


I love Medieval doorways and stairways and passageways. I fit right in. I am tiny. Others are ducking their heads or not so quickly ducking their heads……me, I breeze right through.
The Cloisters in NY has a doorway from Medieval Europe. People were tinier then, makes me smile to know I could walk through a Medieval town and not have my neck stick out like an ostrich.
Most times, being tiny is tough. Like reaching for the top shelf in the supermarket, where clerks think the land of giants come shop.
But put me in a Medieval village, with some old, short, iron hinged doors……I fit right in…… 🙂
Pictured here is a door from the Rock of Cashel in Ireland, revered site most associated with St. Patrick. It was one of the windiest hills in Ireland. Ah, there is another down side of being tiny……a couple of times, the Irish wind almost took me to flight.
There’s an image…..remember the flying nun……how about the flying Reiki Master. I did have on an Irish woolen cape…(for aerodynamics)…… 🙂

May a gentle Irish wind bring you Blessings…….patricks door

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“It’s a jungle out there……either kill or be eaten”……Used Book Sales

I love going to used book sales……libraries and private schools hold them annually or bi-annually to clear away the old stuff and make a little profit.

But it is getting too dangerous…….Yes, dangerous……

It’s like Boston’s Filene’s Basement……if you are of the age to remember.   The one day where all the high end bridal gowns, worth thousands, went on sale for a couple of hundred dollars in this world renowned shop.  Soon to be brides stampeded the door like buffalo…….Size was immaterial…….gowns could be altered.    It was grab and grab fast….even out of the hands of another.

Well, book sales are like this.   Savvy book dealers, armed with scanners to see the “worth” of a volume graze the shelves at lightning speed.   Most don’t even scan, they just throw everything into bins……and heaven help you if you are in their way.

Yesterday, in 90+ degree heat, I ventured into the forbidden zone of the book sale room.   As I gazed across the tundra…….I was like a frightened gazelle…….wary of the stampede.   Was it worth it?   I can honestly say, for the first time, I said no.   Sad, isn’t it.   Those of us who only wish to bring a few books home and get a bag full for the price of one new hard cover……..are left in the dust as the predators squish us into tables and corners of the room.

It’s like a jungle safari…….best to bring along a guide on the trek…….for me, it’s my daughter, still brave enough to wander in the prey zone…….For me, I am getting too up in years…….I am the weakened gazelle, the one the hungry lions watch for……….

I did manage a few audio books……even the aged gazelles have to graze and feast upon the waiting grass……………  🙂


Blessings from this Author……..whose wish it is to someday have a stampede fighting over her books too……..what a goal to achieve  🙂


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“The Mark of a Hero”

Near my hometown in New Jersey,  lies a beautiful cemetery, Holy Cross in North Arlington.   It is a reverent place because it holds the remains of many, many veterans, some who came home only to be placed in its soil.   My Uncle was one of them.   He perished in the forests of the Ardenne, at the Battle of the Bulge.   He has a tiny stone, flat to the ground with his unit on it, surrounding him are many who died the same week………I wonder sometimes, if they were buddies then and now…….

The news reported yesterday that the Archdiocese of Newark has made the decision to remove all veterans’ markers placed at headstones.   A son had visited his dad and discovered it missing, questioned the cemetery and learned its surprising fate.  He found a marker in the garbage and placed it back on his father’s grave.    Then, he called   the local  news station and related the event….. The news questioned the cemetery.   Their response was something to this effect, though put into my own words…….

In seeking to maintain a pristine appearance, we feel the markers detract from this.

Since when are veterans’ markers an eyesore……these boys, and most were only boys, faced incredible tests of bravery and spirit that most of us will never comprehend.  Is a stake in the ground too much to ask to remember their heroism?

It just falls beyond my realm of understanding.   I have walked this cemetery and taken hundreds of photographs……I photograph the little mementos on graves and I photograph the exquisite statuary that are fading from modern cemeteries today, bereft of any thing left in the way on the grave.   

What a shame……the cemetery informed the news that a family member can place another veterans’ marker on a grave but it, too, will be taken during the next clean up.

Boys were taken from mothers, my grandmother being one of them.   Now to take a tiny marker, insignificant to those in charge, but so very significant to those who wept for what was lost is disgraceful………

Please SHARE this blog with veterans and veterans’ groups and perhaps we can change this decision…….We cannot change those lost so long ago…..but we can keep change from diminishing their worth.Solace


Shirl Knobloch


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“Mothers and Daughters”

I think mothers and daughters have the most difficult relationship…….there is that adage…….A son is a son til he takes him a wife……a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life…….

It’s true……..daughters seek to find independence and branch out on their own paths……becoming mothers themselves……

But just like scientists have found mother trees are connected to children in the forest by deep roots……so it is with daughters.

You learn from your mother…..even when you don’t realize it……it is like that root system of osmosis……you watch her cooking, you watch her sewing, you watch the things she does in her spare time………and these things are sucked up into your system, like the celery stalk science experiment of elementary school.

Oh, you may rebel against the rules…….spread your roots a little to the east or west or north or south……but sooner or later, in times of drought or frigid winters…..you seek the mother root again…….to nourish and hold you up amidst the storm.

When you lose your mother, you lose that anchor…….that maternal root.   You know you are out there…….anxiously fearing  that drought or cold spell……And if you have children of your own, you realize you have become that strong, gnarled, withered root who will nourish all her children until  all nourishment is depleted.

This song is one of my favorites……..I think if you have lost a mother, it holds special meaning……..for we are all waiting………

Waiting to touch roots again……………..<3

Mother’s Day Blessings,

ShirlLittle Guy and Me

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“By Salt Water” Tales of the Sea

I am happy to announce that my new book is available online today.    It is filled with fables and folklore of the sea, where selkies and mermaids swim among the waves.   And also filled with beings of the land who must go down to the sea   ❤


Available at Amazon


https://www.amazon.com/Salt-Water-Tales-Sea/dp/0692867449/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1494685609&sr=1-1&keywords=by+salt+water+tales+of+the+seaPlease visit and check it out and share will all those who love the sea.

Thank you,


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“Can I do Reiki on my pet?”

When you study to learn Reiki, you become obsessed with learning the correct hand movements, the right symbols to pronounce, the standard positions on the body.   Yes, it is important to learn these in the beginning.

When I began teaching workshops about Reiki,  I told those in attendance that in the beginning, you need these symbols and positions to focus on………Learning to be a channel for energy is a tall order.   The focus on symbols and positions keeps you grounded and not full of oneself.   Reiki energy workers do not heal…..we are only the channelers of Universal energy which has the capacity to free the body of negative energies causing harm.

Once you have been practicing Reiki for a time, the characters and positions become less influential in your sessions.   Intuitively,  the energy moves through you and guides you where it needs to be channeled.

Can you do Reiki on a pet without any formal teaching?   I believe so.   Reiki is intention, or prayer to some.   Formal teaching and attunements do intensify your ability to be receptive to this energy and channel it more effectively.  It teaches the energy centers or chakras to familiarize you about how energy flows and affects each part of all beings.  If you are serious about learning it, then I would advise you to seek out a qualified teacher to learn and set off on the proper steps………from then on, the journey is yours.  Of course, along that journey, might I suggest a good read   🙂

Good Luck,


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