“Eating off the Floor” (For those of us who remember Erma Bombeck


This day, 1927 , another one of my favorite writers, Erma Bombeck,  was born….

Not a classical literary icon …….but an icon to housewives all across America……

Her humor and wisdom gave a daily lift to overworked, overstressed, women who could share in Erma’s musings about life as a wife, mother, and daughter…..

My favorite quote resides on my refrigerator……it has found a place of honor there for many, many years……it reminds me of Erma Bombeck; though it originated from the comic mind of  Elayne Boosler; another who shares her gift of humor with the world.

It never ceases to make me laugh when I read it; and also brings a wistfulness to my heart.

My mother was a fastidious housekeeper; she didn’t live long enough to have much time to judge my housekeeping skills, but I remember her visits to my home with her white glove inspections……

I share my home with a menagerie…if I velcroed the vacuum to my hip; there would still be a furball or two to rescue from the corner….when I finish vacuuming, the fur strand brigade is already resuming positions…

Dust…..pet and bird dander I am sure are flying through the air……

When you have pets; there is a compromise in the pristine environment that will never be white glove…..

But, in my mind; passing a white glove test isn’t the happiest requirement in a home.

Back to the quote……

Elayne, thanks for this, and Erma, thanks for each day’s humor that never fades a smile from my face…..

And to my mom; you could eat off her floor……

“My mother used to say, “You can eat off my floor”  “You can eat off my floor too.  There’s thousands of things there.”      Elayne Boosler


So mom, you can eat off mine too…..there is always a stray dog cereal kernel or bird seed lying around…..sometimes trapped in a furball….. I am sure that would bring a smile of understanding to Erma’s face……..

Namaste and Homes filled with Happiness (and maybe furballs),


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The Treasures of Ordinary Days……Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day………a day for the chocolatiers and florists and card companies.  But I guess all holidays are like that……
The more holidays I see, the more I see the day, not the holiday.

Ordinary days are the holidays…..the days you wake up and your little corner of the world is fine.   No friends have crossed, no friends are ill, no unexpected events that make an ordinary day not so ordinary anymore.

I love the ordinary days.   If I want a piece of chocolate, I will eat one.   If I want to buy a bouquet of roses at the grocery store, I will bring one home.

Love is shown through all the ordinary days and the unexpected, not so ordinary, ones too.  As I grow older, I have lost too many friends.   I have seen how quickly the ordinary becomes the unexpected.

I shared last Valentine’s Day with Casper…….I never realized that just weeks later, he would be gone from this world.Casper face

Eat that piece of chocolate, buy that rose bouquet…..because it is an ORDINARY day, not Valentine’s Day.   Life is too short to wait for one day in the middle of February to love the ones you love………..

Never feel sorrowful if you don’t have that spouse or date with roses at the door.   Love comes in life in many forms.

Hug your dog if he is your Valentine……some of us find our greatest love with furry, four legged companions.    To some of us, our children are our Valentines…….the greatest creation of love in our worlds.   Volunteer at a place where Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day of sadness or illness for those who aren’t dreaming of flowers or candy, only of finding peace, a home,  a pat on their furry heard, or wellness on this day.

It’s been one year tomorrow since a very dear friend crossed.   Forever a part of my Valentine’s Day now…….I wish you blessings Renny and blessings to all those you left behind on such a day of love.

I have found my purpose in life is writing stories that bring love and compassion into the ordinary days of readers.   I have four published collections of Fairy Tales, and I am in the process of editing my fifth collection, due out soon.   Flowers fade, candy gives a moment’s pleasure, but one of my Fairy Tale books will be reached for time and time again by those of any age longing for a Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00067]Fairy Tale in their lives.book-cover-youre-never-too-old-for-fairy-talesbook-cover-wolfhoundPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00067]


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For St. Bridget’s Day (Imbolc)

One of the nicest energies in Ireland was around trees……
They have wishing trees in Ireland, certain sacred trees, respected and cherished. The black hawthorn is considered one, and wishing hawthorns are adorned with beribboned presents and possessions. These hawthorns are given tokens of respect, promises of wishes to be granted, bestowed on their sacred boughs in the Irish woods.
I saw a couple of wishing trees on my trip. On the way to Leap Castle, we saw one. We were supposed to stop and visit the next morning, so I wondered what gift I could leave behind. We were told fairy snacks were quite acceptable.
I had a package of Welch’s fruit snacks in my suitcase. That evening, I took the identifying ribbon off my luggage and tied it through a hole in my snack pack.
The bus driver took a wrong turn the following day. We never made it to the wishing tree.
On another bus tour, we drove past St. Bridget’s shrine. There was a sacred well where pilgrims quenched both thirst and faith, and a sacred tree, with tiny snippets of brightly colored cloth blowing in the wind.
The legend is told that Saint Bridget was an extraordinary beauty. Her focus in life, was not on attracting the opposite sex, but helping her own….. especially young, unwed or impoverished mothers and their babies. But Bridget was smart; she used her beauty to garner funds. She would visit the wealthy men of the area, tell them that she would remove one piece of clothing in return for a donation to her charity. Lustful eyes could not refuse. They donated, she then would tear a tiny snippet of cloth from her ample outfit…….cleverly fulfilling her promise.bridgets-shrine
Today, still as reverence for her work, pilgrims leave tiny snippets on her shrine’s tree.
Today, I believe the intention of wishes can travel across the ocean.   Though not a Blackthorn, I will place a gift of food with twine on a backyard pine, perhaps scatter some fruit snacks on the ground.   She will be my wishing tree, providing nourishment for the birds and squirrels,  (and perhaps the fairies ) who face much more hardship than I when snow is laden on the ground.

Blessings on this February 1st, known as Imbolc or the Day of St. Bridget’s feast.   It is now we celebrate our mid journey through winter towards spring.  Let us hope for longer days of kindness and the warmth of spring…….for the shortness of winter anger and tempers must cease.


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“The Eyes of the World” Inauguration Day

The eyes of the world will be watching……..

Will we show them a nation of strong, determined people…continuing the traditions and dreams on which this nation was created?

Or will we show them a disrespectful, lawless nation of singularly minded people unable to open thoughts and hearts to pushing this nation forward to a place of respect and benevolence.

No human is flawless, no nation is flawless.   Somehow, we must balance the scales in the favor of integrity and kindness and inclusion.

Eyes will be upon us…………I hope the picture seen is worthy of what so many believed in.

Whether you think him worthy of Presidential stature………let us remember to keep our nation worthy in the eyes of the world……..

…….We are a nation of millions who must unite and forge this nation into greatness……..no one being can make it great…….but a nation of beings can….and must.

Just my musings……….



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“Our Spiral”

I am so weary of all the cartoons, the hate filled comments on social media, the loss of respect that our nation and those who lead it are due…..and this is NOT a political statement, so please don’t comment and make it one. When respect for those in public office, (WHETHER THEY HAVE EARNED THAT RESPECT OR NOT) is lost…..respect for all is lost……….You will see it in road rage, as I have this week, you will see it a parking space fights at the mall…..at first it will be subtle…..but it will grow like mold among us…….I think this has been set in motion and just cannot stop…….
In history, cartoons of ape man and such were hurled at Lincoln in the press……makes you think, doesn’t it…….
I don’t want to live in another present day Gettysburg…….:-(
Whatever personal views I hold, you will never see a cartoon or meme on my page that lowers the integrity and respect of a nation for which countless thousands have died..
Hate is a very powerful force…..when its trajectory is set in motion, it takes a massive surge of power to stop its spiral.
Too many have died in this country……thousands upon thousands right on the ground I call home.
I saw this hatred up close this week when a man pounded on our windshield, car door, and finally opened that door and invaded our world.   Thankfully, he was armed with just hate.   If it had been more………………..
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“Road Rage” My horrific encounter today…………

I go to sleep a different person tonight.   It was something I always knew, read about, feared……….but, today I lived it.

My husband and I were at a busy four lane intersection.   Suddenly, a car cut him off, pulling right in front of him.   I know this because I saw it, we barely missed hitting it.  What followed was some very loud seconds of my husband’s hand on his horn.   He was angry; he was in the right.

Suddenly, the car that cut us off, now in front, jerked to a sudden stop.  We barely missed hitting it again.   Then, what happened next is a scene out of prime time news.

The man got out of his car……….his face was the face of madness.   He started pounding on our windshield on my husband’s side.  We were sandwiched in, cars all around, maybe some taking cell pictures.   I don’t know, I was too horrified to watch anything but this man’s face.   He moved to my husband’s window and started pounding it.   Then he opened my husband’s door, which unfortunately wasn’t locked.   His intent was to pull my husband out, but he had his seat belt fastened.   He baited my husband to get out and fight.    This man was 30 years younger, a stocky built man you could tell was no stranger to fights.   He would have seriously hurt my husband.   If he had a gun, I am certain he would have shot him, and probably me, as well.

I remember telling my husband not to get out………so incensed by my husband’s non challenge, he went back to his car and quickly sped right through the red light.

I thought to myself, what if my grandson was in the car……..How would this raging madness have affected him?   I recently read of the grandmother whose grandson was shot because she drove away from the changing light too slow.

My dad was a police captain.   We lived next to some bad areas of Jersey and he always had his gun on the seat between us.   That gun made me feel safe.

I always knew, but tonight I really KNOW.   If the lunatic has a gun and you don’t ……….you’re dead.



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“Not so surprising…..Debbie Reynolds’ Death”

Everyone is so shocked……..it really isn’t so surprising.   It’s just newsworthy.   People and all beings of this earth have been dying of broken hearts since the first life and love existed on our planet.

We read stories of couples in nursing homes holding hands and dying moments apart.   I read letters from people about their companion animals dying days apart, one from illness, the other from grief.  My own grandparents died just weeks apart…..I am certain my grandmother did not want to live anymore without him.

It is not surprising Debbie would follow her daughter.   This was a woman whose world revolved around her children and her work.   Work at her age was fading out of sight; now, her life must have centered on those to whom her heart was given.   Love had been cruel to Debbie, the men in her life treated her badly, both in matters of the heart, and in matters of money.

She was quoted as saying it was partly her fault that Eddie had left her for Liz.   Liz was the passionate lover, she was the nurturing mother.

May the souls of mother and daughter be together now………






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