“Always Something”

Today is St. Anthony’s day…..the Saint for finding lost things.   I have a lost thing…..a photograph I have been looking for since yesterday.   I took it out from the box it has resided in for the past ten years some months ago……….thought I put it back……but I guess not.

So, I have been taxing my brain trying to think of all the corners I might have stashed it.   Sometimes, I stash things too well for safekeeping, and never find them again.

I wish I could be one of those minimalist people who have the few possessions they own organized according to month and year…….. If you ask them for a receipt from 1998, they can retrieve it in minutes.   That is, if they keep receipts.   Most are catalogued on internet files, no scraps of paper or bits of fabric and yarn and memories kept in boxes and drawers and safekeeping corners in every room.

St.  Anthony has always come through for me; I think I might have used up my quota for lost assistance though.   I have to face it……some things will be lost forever…….perhaps retrieved when a child rummages through all the safekeeping places when the one who thought them worthy of safety is no longer around to oversee.

One day, the things I wracked my brain over will be found……..some will be thought precious and stashed in someone else’s safekeeping corners and some will be tossed in the trash…….

Perhaps the minimalists are right…..the only things worthy of safekeeping corners are kept inside the corners of your mind.


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“For what I have lost”…… St. Anthony’s Day, June 13th

Every year, since I was a little girl, I have given reverence on June 13th to St. Anthony.  St.  Anthony is a saint of miracles……among them, raising the body of a dead man to clear his father’s name of a crime.   The murdered victim’s body had been tossed in his father’s garden in Lisbon.   Not only did Anthony make the journey back to Lisbon from Padua, Italy, in miraculous time for that date in history; village accounts record his raising the dead man from the tomb to clear his father’s name.  Whether you believe it or not, something quite extraordinary had to have occurred back then to be documented in village records.

Nowadays, most pray to St. Anthony to recover lost things.   I do so myself.   As time goes by, there have been many occasions where something lost has been discovered after his intervention.

With passing years, one wishes other lost things could be raised from stillness…… I named a tiny dog my son found on the Parkway entrance after Anthony.  He was one of my greatest found treasures. Anthony 2

Maybe St. Anthony will be waiting by all of them…….tiny Anthony, and all other treasured loved ones,  waiting to reunite us for eternity …….. to find each other again.

I once traveled to Italy with a tour group.   One of the stops promised along the way was Padua.   I got close enough to see road signs for Padua when it was decided too much time would be lost if we stopped; most on the tour weren’t interested in seeing saintly relics.  My time to visit was not to be.  His tongue is preserved, believed to be incorrupted  by time because of all the sermons he delivered. To this day, the Church in my hometown gives out blessed bread to honor his day.  On the 13th, take a small amount of time to say a prayer of thanks if you have ever asked St. Anthony to find something lost;  rediscover all the wondrous miracles about his holy man.

Here is a link to read about his shrineDSC_6402


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There isn’t much left to imagine anymore in the world of a child…..We have lost the toys of imagination and brought the marvels of technology to our little ones.   Toys light up, speak, and do most things that my mind only imagined they would as they sat on my bureau a lifetime ago.

I gave stuffed toys minds and hearts…..mine didn’t giggle, didn’t sing……my own mind imagined their hearts and voices.  Perhaps that is why all the animals in my stories speak and sing and show their hearts.

Few toys top the bestseller list today that don’t “do” anything.   Leaving the doing to little minds has been lost in the world of computer chips and lithium batteries.

I write books for children and adults.   Reading has become a disappearing art, sort of like cursive writing.   Why read a book when you can watch a DVD or log on to a computer page synopsis?  Why learn cursive writing when no one writes anything anymore.   Soon, even signatures will become obsolete in a world of voice and iris recognition.

But reading a story or watching it on a screen are like walking on the earth and visiting Venus.   Why soak up a little dripping of water on a sponge ……. saturate that sponge with the entire spill……Our minds are sponges……we can use them to soak up the drips or use them to saturate our minds with imagination…….

A book might not seem like an “exciting” gift for a child, but it can open the page to the greatest of treasures…….imagination.   And that, my friends, is the most exciting of endless adventures, dreams, and possibilities.

We can light up a thousand parts on a toy……..but will it light up the imagination of a child’s mind………Not as much as a bedside lamp casting a faint glow on the words of a fairy tale story………

Among my books, I have written collections of fairy tales……You can find them and my other titles at this link https://www.amazon.com/Shirl-Knobloch/e/B00OEW2XJQ/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0


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“A heart from a little mouse”

It all depends on how you look at things……..

Now, most will see a chewed up toilet tissue roll………..

Me, I see a heart    ❤

I see a thank you for all his special cookie treats, a thank you for his morning songs, a thank you for saving his life when I watched other mice beating up on him in the pet store cage.

So, I see a heart.    I don’t need to see one; he has my heart anyway.   But seeing one gladdens mine……….

It all depends on how you look at things…….those things can change your day.

Sometimes a little mouse can make a big difference……..

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“Distance Reiki Healing”

I read a rather disturbing post on social media about someone charging exorbitant prices to “catch” one’s energy across the phone from far distances.   This captured energy would be examined, of course, for an “adequate” fee.

I am a Reiki Master.   As you study Reiki, you learn how one’s thoughts can genuinely affect the physical and emotional energy of another…..whether that person or animal is an inch below the Reiki Master’s hands or 3,000 miles away across an ocean.  Reiki Masters channel, not create, this ever present energy around us,  focusing on the  intention, or “light” of positive vibrations.  It is the intent…..the prayer of energy one might say, if that is easier for the recipient to understand.

Molecules of water have been studied and shown to transform when positive and negative intent is focused on them.

But catching one’s energy and studying it at a later date??????????   Charging hundreds and thousands of dollars to do so………………….

Well, that just sounds like the traveling salesman with his bottle of medicinal miracle in his wagon………

Believe in ancient methods of energy work; together with modern medicine, they can boost wellness.   But don’t believe every traveling salesman that rides through town……just like all trades,  integrity and fraud can be found under wagon canvas.

To learn more about my work, visit me at







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“Music Dissolves the Years” The David Crosby Concert

I saw David Crosby in concert Sunday night, in Gettysburg.   We have a beautiful, intimate theatre here, a treasure which I hope is valued and cared for as the years pass.   Years add treasure to theatres, lives, and songs.

David has been through much in life, enough to chip away facades and foundations if he didn’t have the powerful force of music to energize his soul.   His voice was brilliant, strong and clear.   His love for music was so evident and shone through each chord.

David handled the concert with acumen.   His Gettysburg audience, though of the age when all remembered Vietnam protests and Woodstock festivals, was mainly a silver haired, conservative crowd.   David was able to get his opinions to the crowd in a gentle way.   Some artists overwhelm the audience with an in your face agenda.   David gently sang an American patriotic anthem and voiced his love of America to those who have seen the same years of troubled discord between our shores.  He told us he wandered through our beautiful town and loved seeing our monuments; we could feel the respect in his voice.

When the show came to an end……the chords of “Four Dead in Ohio” moved the crowd to deeply felt song…..my voice one of them.  It was if I were sitting in my room a lifetime ago, listening to FM radio, Allison Steele, the NY Nightbird……listening to those same chords.   The years dissolved……they mingled with sadness for that young college student of 1970 and frustration for the continued violence that seems without end.

If you are lucky to live within driving proximity to David Crosby’s tour schedule, don’t miss an opportunity to see him perform.   It was one of the most memorable concerts of my lifetime…….I still hold memories of seeing him perform back in the 70’s…….now those memories mesh with memories of last night and the mix is beautiful.




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“So many to make one’s heart cry…..Two to make one’s heart smile”

It takes me a little over three hours to drive from Jersey to Gettysburg…..on a good day with little traffic.    Each drive seems to bring more roadside casualties to my eye….. so many deer lying lifeless by the side of the road, their carrion being picked at by scavengers in the wild.   Each time I pass one, my heart saddens and I say a little prayer of blessing for those that didn’t make it to the other side of the road.

Very early this morning, outside my farmhouse window, I received a thank you for all those blessings.   I saw a doe with a tiny baby, nursing underneath.   I never saw this mother/child connection before and felt so privileged to witness such tenderness.   I prayed for their safety; neighbors have deer houses around me and I know many of them hunt.   If this loving mama fell to a bullet, she would not be the only one to perish.

It was very foggy outside this morning.   I had been to a wonderful concert in town the night before and my camera battery was drained.   My phone pics were blurry.   I hurriedly grabbed my infrared camera and captured the pair, hence the quality of the photos and video.   I apologize for the clarity, but through my window, through the fog and distance, and with infrared, these were the best captures I could manage.

I think the Universe thanked me for all the blessings my heart wished upon those no longer able to enjoy such tender moments on earth……In return, I was the one who was blessed to see such a beautiful moment in the early morning mist.

May the two of them be safe      ❤





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