“The Paths of Assisi”

For St. Francis’ Day


Some years ago, I had the good fortune to walk the peaceful paths of Assisi. How could a place ravaged by earthquakes and persistent, blustery winds be so peaceful. Amidst the bustling winds and rubble of buildings damaged by quakes, is a presence of peace palpable in the air.
It pervades the rubble, pervades the small passageways and mountain paths and invades the spirit and heart. Walking Assisi forever changes each tourist.
The usual “touristy” shops lined the passageways and hillside of Assisi. St. Francis mugs and St. Francis postcards stare up at you as you walk by. But buying them, did not feel right to me.
Mounted on walls of all the passageways, were little boxes, donation boxes for the animals. And there were rescue dogs roaming the fields of Assisi.
I chose to bypass the St. Francis mugs and drop a donation in the box along the way.
Upon leaving Assisi, I was saddened that I did not purchase a “touristy” memento to take home.
Our next stop was the catacombs. As I walked into the gift shop, a beautiful little statue of St. Francis with the wolf looked up at me. I smiled, and knew they would be coming home. And they have found a home on my bedroom bureau ever since; a reminder of the peace and sacredness of this mountainous place. Strong and harsh mountainous winds and energy, powerfully stretching to touch the hand of God and surrounding all who visit with an aura of peace.

On October 20, I have been asked to officiate at a Blessing of the Animals at the Wellness Center for Pets and Their People at Hasting Farm, in Richland, PA. It will be one of the proudest and most memorable days of my journey as a Reiki Master and Animal Intuitive. Beside me, in spirit, I am sure will be the energies of all the animals I have loved and said good bye to, and the spirit of St. Francis and his wolf.

Blog excerpt taken from “Birdsong, Barks, and Banter”) © Shirl Knobloch


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