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“For Dan”

Today, in 1951, one of my favorite musicians was born into this world. I identified with Dan’s music; he reached the sorrows of a girl who never really found her place in this world…..maybe she still hasn’t. His song, “Scarecrow’s … Continue reading

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“Getting Old is a Quiet House”

One’s  house becomes very quiet as one grows old……. Of course, the empty nest is quiet…….but other quiets enter.   The quiets of less barks as old dogs leave for grassy fields of paradise.   The quiet of less phone chats with … Continue reading

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“Stars of Tears”

August 10th is the Feast day of San Lorenzo. Each year,  around August 10th, the darkness brings the “night of falling stars.”   One can scan the night sky and see a shower of falling stars, thought to be fragments of … Continue reading

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