“My Work as an Intuitive Medium and Animal Communicator”

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I work as an Intuitive for the living and a Medium to connect with those crossed.
My fee has never been raised…….the quality of a session does not hinge upon its price, I don’t believe in asking excessive amounts for the gifts with which I have been blessed.
Read what some others have said about one of my sessions……………

I only ask for your beloved pet’s name and gender.   

For a person, I ask only a name.  I ask no leading questions to obtain clues and do my sessions entirely through email, never seeing a person’s reaction to gain any “clues” ……My fee is 35.00 per session.

I’d like everyone to know of the fabulous and comforting reading I just got about my father from Shirl Knobloch!!! This woman can truly see into energies that have departed, and the reading was “spot on”! God bless Shirl, she has given me much needed peace!~~~Jane Baldwin~~~


Hi Shirl – I just wanted to thank you on the recent reading you sent me about Floppy. Once again, you seem to be spot on with the dogs, their feelings and in Floppy’s case his current circumstances. I love that you don’t try and glaze over your readings to give us more comfort, but are incredibly honest with what the animals are going through. It makes it so much more easy to relate to them. Many thanks.  Helen  S. (Australia)

This past Saturday I unfortunately had to get my dog of 16 years euthanized. I had such a heavy heart making that decision and felt very guilty. I had Shirl Knobloch give me an animal reading of my beloved departed Dakota. I was very amazed about my the reading. She had never known my dog nor me personally. She gave me insight to matters that only I shared with my dog, and personal matters that gave way to a depressed heart that my dog was always by my side during those hard times! I can personally say that Shirl is the real deal when it comes to a reading about a lost loved fur baby, and yourself! Thank you Shirl for my reading!   ~~ Melissa Springston ~~




Jennifer Jeune
· River Vale, NJ ·
Thank you Shirl, for the reading you did recently about my mother who passed very suddenly a month ago. You touched on some things that were very much about my mother, and it was comforting to read them. I wish I had your gift and could communicate with her as I miss her very much and didn’t get to say goodbye. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a touching and real reading.


Paola Ascoli‎~~~~~
 I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful blessing of hearing what our cats had to say! I look forward to more messages from my furry babies in the future. Your gift is truly incredible and I have been telling everyone about you and how amazing these messages are!
Thanks so much for your time and reading. . You got Every little personal aspect about him right. .. from the financial problems and worrying. . To a previous sickness that he had leading up to what took him out. .. the one thing that really upset me is that he isn’t going to be present for a while… but i know his spirit will be back. …i wish you could talk to him daily and tell me what he’s saying ~~~~~Amy Carafello Peraino
I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, only sending a name and a picture. However, Shirl was able to accurately describe the person with great specificity and detail, I was blown away. Shirl is clearly gifted and I would highly recommend her.
Jenna G.
Anne Shirley Phelps wrote……
Shirl is the best animal communicator! you should give her a try you will be amazed!


I will also give testimony that you ARE the REAL DEAL!
When my beagle, Zeke, was getting near the end of his battle with lymphoma, you, Shirl Knobloch, talked to him. He told you that he was ok so far, and you told me that, and other things that only he and I would know. It went EXACTLY how you said would. You made the end of his life MUCH better, and gave me such comfort knowing that I had done the right thing for him, according to his wishes. You, Shirl Knobloch, have never steered me wrong in ANY kind of reading that you’ve done for me. Your books are also wonderful!


I was so impressed and touched by the session Shirl did with my SugarBear
(my soulmate dog who recently passed), that I requested a session
for a family member who also (sadly) passed way too soon.
I really felt the messages were from her. There were questions and uncertainty about her death. I feel that she answered that through Shirl. And at least, she is now at peace. Thank you Shirl!
             I know each of us might have different beliefs, opinions, ways of thinking, and that’s what makes each of us individual and unique but similar at the same time. I asked our friend Shirl Knobloch to do a reading for my son Luis (whom she never met) and of Brandy III. Both of them so close to my heart.
She sent them to me today and I was really amazed and satisfied by the way it turned out.
Thank you Shirl, Bless you my friend.________________________________________
Shirl, I want to thank you again for your session on Oisin. Now that he’s turning the corner to maturity, there’s been a lot going on inside my boy that I’ve struggled to figure out. This was my first session with an intuitive medium, but I’ve had flashes of intuition in the past and others have sensed some startling things about Oisin that proved true in time. You’ve filled in some large pieces of the puzzle for me and given me much to think about that I might have missed without your insights. I appreciate your gift and I appreciate you.
Bob McMillan

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out and wonderful overall review of the help Shirl gave us in our time-of-need as we saw our beloved boy, Vader, over the Rainbow Bridge. She confirmed details for us with our black German Shepherd through her gift of medium-ship that could not have been known otherwise. Thank you Shirl, and know we appreciate what you have done for us.   Much love to you and yours. 

Johnny Hotchkiss and Vadervader



Thank you Shirl for my reading! I miss my mom so much ❤️ So many things that you mentioned were definitely my mom. 🤗  ~~Marcia Rippeth Cox


Thank you Shirl for the wonderful communication with Leo, my Great Dane. He passed so suddenly that I wasn’t afforded the luxury of saying goodbye. What you’ve provided me today finally gives me the closure I’ve been seeking for nearly 8 months. It gives me great comfort to know that Leo is at peace and still watching over my family. Thank you for giving me that peace of mind.



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