Testimonials (Working as an Animal Intuitive Communicator)

beemerI work as an animal intuitive, offering insight to pet owners on what emotional issues may be affecting the wellness of their pet and the peace of their home environment.    I  offer energy sessions with Reiki distantly  for ailing pets and have helped in the rehabilitation of wildlife using Reiki energy as well.  Stress is a major factor in the loss of rescued wildlife, Reiki can help alleviate that stress and increase the chance for survival.  I have given Reiki to orphaned raccoons, sick prairie dogs, an opposum hit by a car, baby squirrels and birds fallen from their nests, as well as done volunteer work at shelters and zoos.  I have watched the amazed expression on a veterinarian’s face as I communicated her little dog’s unusual, favorite treat ……..

Animal communication offers a window for pet owners into the emotions causing their pet to behave in a certain way.  Opening this window allows for better harmony in the home and better understanding of some rescues and adoptees and the traumatized lives they have previously endured.  For grieving pet owners, connecting with a loved one at the bridge is a poignant and comforting experience.

Many clients have written about their experience on my webpage.  I love animals and find their energy so fulfilling to connect and communicate with…..it is an energy of love.  There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the relationship of a pet and owner shift to one of understanding, or to have a pet at the Bridge communicate feelings of love and joy to grieving owners.

I ask your pet’s name, gender, and if he is crossed to the Bridge or still here in mortal life. That is all. I request a photograph if you can email one to me. These sessions make a touching gift for a grieving friend, or a helpful aid to a new pet owner….or a comfort for your very own heart.






I was asked to do a communication session for two dogs who had crossed within days of each other…..I understand the heartache this family was going through. In these times, I am grateful to be able to offer some small comfort to those who have loved so deeply and feel the loss.
I received this message from the owner ……….


J. Salko, NJ.

It was so hard losing two dogs within days of each other. It was so comforting that you were able to reach out to both of them and to be told that Emma has crossed over and is now at peace. The spirit that you described of emma is so her and you confirmed for me that she felt so loved and had a wonderful life. Even though brandy has not yet crossed over and that her spirit is still trying to stay close to me, it really isn’t surprising to me because she was so so attached to me. But with your help and guidance I know that I’ll be able to help her to let go. Thank you again for such a wonderful reading.




Paola Ascoli‎~~~~~
 I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful blessing of hearing what our cats had to say! I look forward to more messages from my furry babies in the future. Your gift is truly incredible and I have been telling everyone about you and how amazing these messages are!


A testimonial……….this owner lost her dog recently Thank you so much for your reading. The strong father type figure to me is my boyfriends dad who we originally got my dog for but he passed a year after getting him. I remember being …at a seance at Briar Rose in Nutley and you telling me about my boyfriend’s dad coming through and thanking me for taking care of something of his. I couldn’t for the life of me figure that out what his message meant and suddenly my sister who was also there at the seance said out loud “Lisa, you are taking care of his baby. You can’t imagine how much this reading means to me…..Thank you and I hope all is beautiful in your life.
Gail in Ohio ~
“Shirl is the real deal. Her readings are amazingly accurate. Many times she has done readings for free to help …find lost dogs. She does her work to help improve the lives of people and animals. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Maree in Australia ~
” I can wholeheartedly recommend Shirl’s pet communication sessions “
From Roberta, in NJ
The reading you did today for Phoenix was spot on. Your description of his “baggage” was so accurate, I think you could work for the TSA.   🙂  Now I just have to help him unpack…He’s been carrying his baggage for way too long.

Sample Pet Communication Session and the Owner’s Response

(You will see what can be communicated during a session)

My reading……

…….Here is what I pick up from Skye…………

I don’t know if Skye was a rescue……but there is a sense of needing to trust again coming from her……caused by something in her past.  By any chance, do you know if she is a rescue, if she was found wandering as a stray……she sends me this feeling….of being lost……..not wanting to be free out on her own and not knowing where to go.

With you, I feel she is transforming into a girl who likes to explore ……. she still has memories of whatever this is though, that she is showing to me.

Is there something around you or your home that is causing a disruption now……….she sends me this feeling of something changing around her…..if you are in the midst of something that has upset the daily routine or a big change is coming, Skye already feels whatever this is. 

She sends me the emotion of healing……so you obviously have shown her much love and helped her heal.

Also, did Skye ever have puppies…….the energy of this area is disruptive……has she ever had an health issues….or a problem when she was spayed…….for whatever reason, the energy in this area is not as free flowing, more blocked in her overall energy field.

This could be for emotional reasons, if she was ever separated from a litter of babies……..or some physical problem that may come as she ages…..

She sends me the feeling of a home of arguments…..two people very much opposed……if she was rescued, her home was not a harmonious one.    I think Skye does not like any upset or show of anger…….she probably goes off by herself if there is any tension now in your home.

Her energy is very positive now……she has emerged from any prior difficulties and has become a strong, girl.  I feel an alpha type girl in your home……she has a commanding, leading type energy.  She knows when to be strong and knows also when to be submissive……she is very wise with this.

I don’t know her age, but she makes me feel a youthfulness…….she is still “young at heart”……I think she could use a little more patience at times….she may get too impatient with something required of her that takes too much time and effort.  But she is very smart and skillful……She always knows how to get her point across to you…she is a very good communicator.

She is also a very spiritual little girl…very intuitive……she pays much attention to the inner needs of those around her……she probably can tell very quickly if something is upsetting you….very empathic.

She has really brought a wealth of love into your life……and you have helped her satisfy her yearning to be loved as well.

I think when you brought her home, she was quite rebellious……but I think this was also much due to the fears and sadness within her.   I still don’t think she responds well to discipline though, she responds much better to love.

I feel the suffering she went through has caused her to become even more of a compassionate and wise girl now.  Instead of bitterness, I think she is a kind soul who shows compassion and caring to any others in need, both human and furry.  You have given her the healing she needed to become the wonderful dog she is.

Unfortunately, I pick up a sense that she understands suffering and pain…….and this has caused her to be compassionate and empathic to others, especially in times when they are in pain.

From our reading, I really feel Skye had to have been a rescue……if not, then this overwhelming empathic sense of hers picks up any other pain from rescues you bring into your home.  



The Owner’s Response

Skye was a stray at least 2 years before we captured her.  She hung around the same area for at least 2 years. I think she was abandoned when she was very young and never knew what it was like to be touched by humans. Or she was physically abused when young and then abandoned. She has changed a lot over the years but it has been baby steps. There is a new dog here now and I also need to take Skye to the vet. That may be the disruption she is feeling.  She hasn’t been to the vet since she was spay. And then we had to give her a shot to get her into a crate in order to take her to the vet. She has an injury on her leg that we tryed to treat with antibiotics and antiinflamatories, but they didn’t work. So I have to take her in for x-rays. We know that Skye had 2 litters of puppies. She had no problem with being spay. She does not like quik movements or loud noises. Inside the house she is usually submissive to everyone but outside she is brazen and strong. I think she is about 6 years old. I think she trusts me about as much as she can trust anyone. She also knows I love her very much. I have never experienced a dog like her. It’s almost as if she has a wildness about her that can never be tamed.

I will tell you that last night she seemed more at ease and happier than usual.

Thank you so much for the reading.

Nancy in Georgia……..

Thank you so much for your communication with my dear foster dog, Radley. It helped so much to understand what was going on with him and why. Once I understood, I was able to give him the kind of reassurance and trust he needed. H…e is doing great now, getting along so well with all my girls, and seems so happy. His tail wags most of the time! Your help was a lifesaver for both of us!
With much love & heartfelt gratitude,
Nancy & Radley


Kathy D. in New Jersey wrote…….

I had my beloved Tigger reading of him crossing. I could not catch my breath while I was reading it. Many things were SAID THAT NO ONE would know. And it came up during the reading. It was excellent and I plan on getting a reading again in the future. Awesome!


Hi Shirl, I just wanted to thank you for doing the Reiki session on my 5 y/o lab, Beemer. After his diagnosis of congestive heart failure and dilated cardiomyopathy three weeks ago, I was so upset when the vets told me he had less than a …year to live. The first thing you told me was that no mortal can predict how long a life will last. That statement in itself picked my spirits up. The second thing that you did was make him a beautiful gemstone healing charm for his collar, which he proudly wears in the attached photo. (As you can see, he has grayed considerably in the last few months, making him appear to be much older than his 5 years.)I had never heard of Reiki until becoming friends with Doreen a couple of years ago, but she had such success with it on her dog, Riley, that when this came up with Beemer, I knew I wanted to try it. Since I live on the west coast, we decided to do the Reiki session at 5am our time, when we knew that Beemer would be resting peacefully. He was sleeping on his bed, right next to mine, but of course I was awake with anticipation of his session. During the time it was scheduled, he slept calmly without the rapid respirations that he has had so often since the onset of his illness. I lay quietly near him, with my arm over the side of the bed touching him. At one point, I felt a definite surge of energy through my arm and into my body, and thought at the time “Shirl must be sending me a little help too”. When Beemer woke from his sleep, he was noticeably happy and energetic, bouncing around the house like he used to. Since the session, his respirations have been lower at night than they have since his diagnosis, and he once again feels like chasing sticks and playing with his brothers. I am so thankful for your gift being able to help him and so many others like him that our vets often just “write off”, having done all that they can. Thank you again!! We’ll be in touch again soon.”
Laurel and Beemer, Washington
Beemer is the beautiful lab pictured at the top of my page…….
.”I wanted to say how grateful I am for Shirl communicating with our sweet boy Ashe. It was such a comfort to our family, and allowed us to move on in a positive way, because this is exactly what Ashe wanted. We never did anything like this before, but we are so happy that we did. I’m not sure that Shirl will ever know the comfort in her words.” ~ Kristin in Maine”
You did a reading for me a few years ago for Zak and Harley, I have never forgotten how it helped to know that although Zak was frightened and didn’t want to leave me he found peace and was renewed and that Harley was also at peace and waiting for me to come home Zara
I have had the honor of knowing Shirl Knobloch for several years now. From personal experience I know that she is blessed with extraordinary gifts which she has shared with and helped myself and my pets on multiple occasions. Her gift of communication is a true blessing and comes from a most genuine heart and sincere love for animals. Thank you Shirl for sharing your abilities but most of all your heart ~~~Mary Jean DeLorenzo in NJ
Karene Smith wrote me this testimonial

Just the plain truth! I would not have been able to handle Saturday if I hadn’t known that Zeke understood, and was ready. That you made it possible for me to reassure him in the last few months that his lymphoma wasn’t his fault, to ease him in other ways that he needed, helped him be ready and not afraid to transition, then afterward to assure me that his brother understands that he has passed was truly a gift to them, and me.
I knew what you were telling me was authentic and true from the start because you had not met Zeke and had no idea he had been undergoing chemo for 14 months. The only info that you had was a picture of Zeke and his name. You told me what he was feeling about being ill and what his concerns were. There was no way you could have known he was sick before you contacted him. Further proof to me that you are the real deal came this week when my email decided to re-send 10 emails from July for no “earthly” reason. Included in those ten was my request to you for Zeke’s original reading, photos I had emailed to myself that I’d taken with my SLR Camera of Zeke and Clyde this past spring. The re-send made you talk to Zeke, which he so badly needed, as did I. Then you graciously spoke to Clyde. You are truly gifted, and a kind and generous Lady. Thank you.


This past Saturday I unfortunately had to get my dog of 16 years euthanized. I had such a heavy heart making that decision and felt very guilty. I had Shirl Knobloch give me an animal reading of my beloved departed Dakota. I was very amazed about my the reading. She had never known my dog nor me personally. She gave me insight to matters that only I shared with my dog, and personal matters that gave way to a depressed heart that my dog was always by my side during those hard times! I can personally say that Shirl is the real deal when it comes to a reading about a lost loved fur baby, and yourself! Thank you Shirl for my reading! ~~ Melissa Springston


I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, only sending a name and a picture. However, Shirl was able to accurately describe the person with great specificity and detail, I was blown away. Shirl is clearly gifted and I would highly recommend her.  ~~~ Jenna G.


Dear Shirl, I wanted to say that you are truly an Angel and a blessing. My Mother said goodbye to her beloved cat, Blue this past December.The loss was devastating and her heart was broken. I purchased a Session with you, as a Birthday Gift for her. There are not enough words to describe the comfort and peace that this Session has provided for her. Blue was able to tell her things he wanted her to know and to let her know he is okay. Your Sessions give our beloved Pets a way to communicate with those they love and this is truly priceless. Thank you for sharing your gift with us

Brenda Phelps


Shirl, I want to say thank you so much for your wonderful gift of Animal Communication. I have just finished reading the message from my beloved Sarah. My heart breaks everyday when I think of her but now I can be at peace and know she is okay. There are no words to describe the comfort and peace that now fills my heart. I highly recommend to others if you are grieving the loss of a beloved pet or loved one these Sessions give you the opportunity to connect with those you hold dear to your heart. Thank you so much


Thank you so much for my session. My little one had passed so suddenly and I was still so stunned/grieving that it really helped. Spot on in many areas. It really helps a heart. ~~Kay Voight

Judi Perkins
Thank you, Shirl, for your session with Bell. We knew he was ill, but he’d been acting additionally odd, and while I had some ideas, there were so many things going on with him, plus new cage decisions, I wanted to get a reading from Bell’s perspective. His depression from his health and his issues with the new bird, despite attempts to mitigate, were stronger than I thought and your feedback has helped both Steve and I tremendously in attending to these things. Bell, consequently, along with some vet help and meds, is much brighter and acting up less. It’s helped Steve greatly too as he’s been able to work with both birds at the same time and specifically focus more on Bell to balance the attention the new cockatoo requires. I knew after reading your book that it was a good idea to engage you, and we are all grateful.


Shirl provided a reading for my dear Maxwell that passed just about two years go. She started off by asking if we had donated or done something in his name and I was shocked because we had purchased a brick paver in his name and honor. She also went on to detail the nature of his personality that were very accurate. I’d had been feeling as though max may have been visiting us in spirit recently and she also pointed that out. The process to get the reading was very simple and she was quick to provide the responds in just a few days. I’m very happy with the reading and would highly recommend her….   Joan in NJ

Helen in Australia…….

“Frighteningly accurate,  It’s funny she never knew that he spent most of his life (9 years) as a therapy dog but told me that he was assisting at the bridge with those who were crossing and was very proud of the work he was doing.

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  1. This must be a very rewarding work

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