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“Close Encounters of the Wolfie Kind”

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“Henny Penny the Fart is Falling” (A dog story to make you laugh out loud)

Wolfhounds make their presence known in many ways…… of them, flatulence.  A wolfie marks the air in a potent way.  No one prepares you for this experience; I am sure all who own wolfhounds will understand.  I wish we could … Continue reading

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“Bidding Farewell to Bobby”

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“It’s a New Moon Tonight” (what does this mean)

New Moons bring new beginnings………… Full Moons help facilitate endings, but new moons bring the energy of what can be, what we might achieve if only we rein in the confidence and attitude necessary to accomplish our dream. The New Moon brings … Continue reading

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“Ashes to Ashes”………..

Placing ashes on one’s head has origins in Pagan religion. In the ancient Nordic Pagan religion, placing ashes on one’s head was a method of insuring protection from Odin.   This was a ritual performed on Wednesday, Odin’s day.   … Continue reading

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“Thirty Six Shades of ……..”

36 Shades of “Once Upon a Times” 36 Fairy Tales and Poems Which one is your favorite???? Available in paperback and for Kindle Get yours for Valentine’s Day

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“Friday, the Thirteenth”

“Friday, the Thirteenth” The history of our fears is fascinating. Friday, the 13th is most fascinating, for it combines the terrors of two evils into one terrifying day for some. The fear of the number 13……it has a name, but … Continue reading

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