“Mothers and Daughters”

I think mothers and daughters have the most difficult relationship…….there is that adage…….A son is a son til he takes him a wife……a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life…….

It’s true……..daughters seek to find independence and branch out on their own paths……becoming mothers themselves……

But just like scientists have found mother trees are connected to children in the forest by deep roots……so it is with daughters.

You learn from your mother…..even when you don’t realize it……it is like that root system of osmosis……you watch her cooking, you watch her sewing, you watch the things she does in her spare time………and these things are sucked up into your system, like the celery stalk science experiment of elementary school.

Oh, you may rebel against the rules…….spread your roots a little to the east or west or north or south……but sooner or later, in times of drought or frigid winters…..you seek the mother root again…….to nourish and hold you up amidst the storm.

When you lose your mother, you lose that anchor…….that maternal root.   You know you are out there…….anxiously fearing  that drought or cold spell……And if you have children of your own, you realize you have become that strong, gnarled, withered root who will nourish all her children until  all nourishment is depleted.

This song is one of my favorites……..I think if you have lost a mother, it holds special meaning……..for we are all waiting………

Waiting to touch roots again……………..<3

Mother’s Day Blessings,

ShirlLittle Guy and Me

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“By Salt Water” Tales of the Sea

I am happy to announce that my new book is available online today.    It is filled with fables and folklore of the sea, where selkies and mermaids swim among the waves.   And also filled with beings of the land who must go down to the sea   ❤


Available at Amazon


https://www.amazon.com/Salt-Water-Tales-Sea/dp/0692867449/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1494685609&sr=1-1&keywords=by+salt+water+tales+of+the+seaPlease visit and check it out and share will all those who love the sea.

Thank you,


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“Can I do Reiki on my pet?”

When you study to learn Reiki, you become obsessed with learning the correct hand movements, the right symbols to pronounce, the standard positions on the body.   Yes, it is important to learn these in the beginning.

When I began teaching workshops about Reiki,  I told those in attendance that in the beginning, you need these symbols and positions to focus on………Learning to be a channel for energy is a tall order.   The focus on symbols and positions keeps you grounded and not full of oneself.   Reiki energy workers do not heal…..we are only the channelers of Universal energy which has the capacity to free the body of negative energies causing harm.

Once you have been practicing Reiki for a time, the characters and positions become less influential in your sessions.   Intuitively,  the energy moves through you and guides you where it needs to be channeled.

Can you do Reiki on a pet without any formal teaching?   I believe so.   Reiki is intention, or prayer to some.   Formal teaching and attunements do intensify your ability to be receptive to this energy and channel it more effectively.  It teaches the energy centers or chakras to familiarize you about how energy flows and affects each part of all beings.  If you are serious about learning it, then I would advise you to seek out a qualified teacher to learn and set off on the proper steps………from then on, the journey is yours.  Of course, along that journey, might I suggest a good read   🙂

Good Luck,


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For the Bard on his Birthday

P1140770.JPGToday, homage to William Shakespeare…….

she be but little she is fierce……a personal favorite…. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I whispered this in my head yesterday at a knitting exhibition ….. There was a sheep shearing demonstration……sheep were waiting in an inside pen.   A tall cloth was hung, isolating them from people passing through the barn… a small gated doorway at the end was the childrens’ viewing corner.

The adults all easily viewed the sheep; me, I wasn’t tall enough at only 5′ to view amongst the land of giants………

The tour guide, with a bemused smile, pointed to the adults and told me I could look there……Then, stopped, realizing I wasn’t tall enough.

Thanks I said, sarcastically, I go to the childrens’ window……..

The childrens’ corner was a long wait.   Each toddler screamed and screamed……I want to see the sheep, not wanting to be forcefully taken in hand and dragged away.     This scenario repeated itself, lasting about 5-10 minutes of parental pleading, children crying, and temptations offered.

Finally, it was my turn.   I took my adult one minute of viewing time and stepped aside…….as the Bard spoke inside my head……

She be but little she is fierce………….Birthday Blessings Will……..I imagine you probably weren’t too tall yourself, back then…..


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“One Year of Grief”


It’s been one year since I lost my Casper to cancer.   It came quickly, I had lost three other friends in the previous two years and this was an unexpected blow to my heart.

Yes, I got another collie baby, after much soul searching.   When you are of a certain age, you realize all who are dependent on you.   The days of having packs of dogs are over; I cannot rest that burden on childrens’ shoulders as my husband and I are in our retirement years.   I have lost several dear human friends, I worried about those they left behind, those that looked to them each day for food, shelter, and love.

Puppies take a lot of energy.   Big puppies knock you over.   I know.   I have raised giant breed puppies and been injured more than once.  There comes a time in life when you don’t get up so quickly and the bruises take much longer to heal.   And yes, I have rescued more than the usual share of elderly and ill dogs.   My heart just cannot take the knowing that soon the time will come again to see them cross.

Last month, my 11 year old pom suddenly collapsed from a silent cancer, known for its insidious death.  That was the straw in the camel of my heart and it has been hard getting back up quickly or letting those bruises disappear.

People often say…….well, you can get another dog now.   I can never replace those lost.   Yes, I can bring another into my home, but I am also bringing that being into the lives of my children…..I have birds that I know may live decades longer…..I often feel it a shame for those wanting parrots.    When you are young enough, the expense is too massive and lives are too busy.   When you reach a point in life where you will not see eighty more years, bringing a parrot to bond with you has heartache consequences………

Having a pet is a huge responsibility.   Most people cannot afford the price of quality food, regular vet care, and sophisticated treatments when illness comes, and serious illness is a “usual” thing for our pets these days.

People often say…….well, you are a pet intuitive, so you can just talk to all who have crossed.   It does not work in this way, as I do not do readings for those in my family, I do not communicate with my family who are in spirit.   I communicate with them like everyone else, in my heart.   It is something those that do similar work know and respect…..

These days, my heart is filled with conversations to all I have lost…………….

I am an author, I published a book about dealing with grief after losing so many…….if you wish to journey with me and perhaps help heal your own heart,  you may find it here………

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“The Legend of the Fairy Cross”

fairy crossAfter Apache Tears, (those of you who have read my book, know why this stone is so special to me), Fairy Cross is the most poignant stone to my heart.
Fairy Cross, also known as Staurolite, has a unique formation, a perfect Roman cross.
Legend believes it was created as the tears of heartbroken fairies fell to the ground when they learned the news of Jesus’ crucifixion.
Native American people, in particular the Cherokee, have a much similar legend passed through their history. Cherokee revere these stones, there is a beautiful collection of them at the Cherokee Museum.
Throughout history, several notable people have carried Fairy Stones. They are believed to be a talisman of good fortune. A few United States Presidents are said to have carried them.
Whether you believe in the legends or not, one cannot deny the beauty of this gemstone formation. Even more beautiful and poignant, today, Good Friday.

Blessings this Good Friday and Easter Sunday,

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“Mercury Retrograde…..today”

Oh no!!! you say………another Mercury Retrograde?Moons aura

Yes, it starts today……this one is in Taurus, the sign of the stubborn bull.   Which means this retrograde might mean a lot of stubborn interactions, frustrating dealings,  pull your hair out moments when your better half just doesn’t “get it.”

This one formally lasts until May 3rd, but most of you know, effects of retrogrades appear beforehand and linger longer for those sensitive to the energy changes of our universe.

What can you do?   Well, first and foremost, don’t stop living.   Just keep your anger fuse just a bit longer so frustrations don’t get out of control.

If you are traveling somewhere, there might be delays, aggravation with things taking longer than they should………

Of course, always be vigilant in any type of communications during these retrogrades.  Don’t be stubborn and think you know it all…..READ it all, every little letter of the fine print ………

Expect computers to be slow, expect those with a stubborn streak to come into their own during this time………..

Money may come into focus during this time, because of the Taurus influence.

Be careful about spending money on large purchases now……….cars, electronics, even homes…. negotiating home contracts might be slow and tedious now.

And READ the fine print……..read it twice……….



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