“Salvatore Mundi” My Thoughts on the Savior of the World Painting

I have always been in awe of Leonardo…….this man so ahead of his time… this man who roamed the marketplace buying birds and freeing them from their cages…….

Now, this painting makes me in awe of him even more…….perhaps he is the caged bird….setting his thoughts free on this walnut canvas.   The Savior holds a crystal ball, something ancient, but depiction so ahead of its time in Leonardo’s portrayal.   Ancient, yet ahead of his time…….like Leonardo, himself.   Is he reconciling religion, spirituality, mysticism, and superstitions (the crossing of the fingers).  Is he mocking convention, is he offering the protection of crossed fingers against the “evils” of the dark……..

I prefer the first……..I think him so free in his thinking, how could the restrictions of the Church keep his brilliant mind from delving into other mystical subjects…….The world is full of so many colors……Leonardo would have seen them all.

I love the painting.   Jesus has such mesmerizing eyes……..they seek to pull you in or draw you out into search of things out of the comfort zone of his time.   I see so much in that crystal ball……..not of the future, but of Leonardo’s past…………..salvatore mundi


I hope whoever purchased it treasures it………..


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“Give Gifts that Give Back”

Most of you know I always donate portions and sometimes, 100% of my sales’ personal profits to worthy animal organizations and rescues.
This holiday season, until December 24th, think of buying a gift that gives something back……..if you purchase one of my books or one of my Willow Gallery items, I will set aside a portion of each sale to donate to a worthy cause.
Get a nice gift for someone and help someone in return. Each sale doesn’t amount to much, but together, that amount adds up. Each bit of thoughtfulness makes help grow.
Here are the links to my books and to my Gallery page. All sorts of gift items are available, all made from my paintings and photographs.
Thanks and Holiday Blessings. Help me help them. Please SHARE.
http://shirlknoblochwillowfineartprintsandphotography.zenfolio.com/… Click on any painting and a list of custom items will come up……all price ranges, each professionally packaged and shipped worldwide.
Love and Light,
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“Enter your name for a free Mediumship Session”

“SPIRIT WHISPERS”…Enter to win a free Mediumship Session.
Order a copy of my newest book, Spirit Whispers @ Amazon and be entered in a raffle for a FREE Mediumship session with a loved one of your choosing.
Buy Spirit Whispers, write a VERIFIED PURCHASE REVIEW on Amazon, once you have read it. Then, send me an email through Facebook or place a comment in the comments section below, telling me you have entered your review. If you buy the book from Amazon, your review will say “verified purchase.”
Here is the link to purchase Spirit Whispers https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Whisp…
All reviews must be posted on Amazon by NOVEMBER 30TH.
My raffle will take place on December 1st.   I will announce the winner’s name on my blog December 1st ……you may contact me in the comments section with your personal email to message you about your session.   I will also announce the winner on my Facebook page.
spirit whispers front cover
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“How do Spirits Speak?”


People ask how mediums speak with the Spirit Realm.   There are various ways of communication…..one can hear, one can sense touch or smell, even taste.  One can take on the physical ailments of the departed……though very uncomfortable, the sensations of pain or injury pass once one clears herself of the communication.

For instance, there are certain buildings in Gettysburg, where my home is, that once I enter, I feel the point of pain where a soldier was wounded.  When I leave the building, the pain subsides instantly.

The easiest way I can describe a spirit speaking…….for both humans and animals, is as if one is reading to oneself.
The reader hears the words in her head, the thoughts come through in some magickal connection of the eyes and brain……Perhaps in mediumship, that communication extends to a connection with the soul.

I will see images, sense feelings, perceive thoughts as if I were reading from a diary.

People come to me for many reasons……….

They wish answers,………definite, exact answers.

When will they meet their soul mate, what will he look like….where will they find him?

The departed don’t wish to answer these questions.   They have lived their mortal lives, now they wish for others to live theirs……

The ones left behind must forge their own paths, make their own wrong turns.

What do spirits wish to tell?     Mostly love, forgiveness, a message that only the living would understand to let them know they still watch, listen, share important moments in the lives of those loved and left behind.

Sessions with the departed bring comfort, awareness, and hopefully enlightenment and faith in the concept that energy never dies………..

If any medium promises to give you answers to specific questions about your future, I would make your future be as far from that medium as possible.

If a medium tells you that the conversation should continue on to several sessions……continue on your path away from his or her door.

A wounded heart is a heart easily taken advantage of……..keep your heart open, but also keep your eyes open to any leading questions that will provide a source of information.

I only ask for a name and a photo.  I do not ask any questions, I never promise to have all the answers,  and I do not look into grieving eyes that provide clues as my sessions are done entirely through email …….I just promise to be the channel for any messages they wish to convey.  ~~~~  Shirl


You may read more about my books at http://www.amazon.com/Shirl-Knobloch/e/B00OEW2XJQ/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

spirit whispers front cover

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“Halloween is Disappearing”

Halloween is disappearing, no, not from the store shelves and candy aisles but from the wide eyed faces of children.

All Hallow’s Eve was a magickal night, like no other.   Children were allowed to roam the darkness unattached to adult hands, ringing strange doorbells where monsters might lurk.

Now, too many real monsters lurk.   Man has lost the awe of the magickal, and in doing so, has lost fear of conscience, fear of reprisals in a society.   When that fear leaves, there is little fear of  consequence in cruel acts upon those to which one feels superior……usually animals and little children.

Now, our enlightened knowledge has darkened our towns and streets.   Real monsters lurk in corners and behind doorbells.   The magick of Halloween has disappeared, giving way to Trunk and Treat parties in parking lots and elementary school parties, where a cupckake, not awe, is distributed amongst the class.

I write Ghost Stories, perhaps that is my way of preserving this magick of the past.  I long for the days when a lighted turnip shone in childrens’ eyes as they waited for a passing spirit in the night…….those were the monsters of darkness, not man.

Blessings on this All Hallows’/All Saints’ Day,

Shirlspirit whispers front coverwitch

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“Living Next Door to Martians”

For about five years, I lived in the next town over from Grover’s Mill, NJ.   Grover’s Mill is a tiny place; it takes about a minute to drive through.   I would drive through on my way to the grocery store and see the huge billboard telling me of its notorious past.   You see, in 1938, Martians landed there.   Albeit, it was only in a radio show, but so many were frightened out of their wits, believing the doom laden voice of Orson Welles.

I haven’t been back in several decades.   Nights used to get pretty dark near Grover’s Mill.   Maybe they still do,  or maybe the town has been “built up” like so many rural areas of NJ.  Back then, it was pretty easy to imagine anything could happen on one of those back country roads. ………..

My husband used to take me out for night drives and turn the car headlights off in the darkest location to get a “rise” out of me.

Nothing ever jumped out at us, but I have seen some mysterious lights in the sky……

Military maneuvers?

Late night crop dusting?

Or ………

Maybe Martian tour ships visiting the site of their first landing………..  🙂  October 30, 1938.


May all your mischief be magickal on this night………..



Read more of my own ghost tales in spirit whispers front coverPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00067]

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“Milk, Buttered Bread, and a Legacy” Remembering Sylvia Plath

Today, remembering Sylvia Plath, on the day of her birth…October 27th 1932.

Another writer tormented by demons, Sylvia has the distinction by many as being the poet of death.

Her works were the voice of her inner torment…..a torment that ended tragically by her own hands…February 11. 1963. It was one of the coldest winters in London; perhaps that coldness of her own soul became inescapable as well.
The last thing she did was leave two mugs of milk and buttered bread for her two small children.

Milk, buttered bread and a legacy of words for all of us.

“because wherever I sat—on the deck of a ship or at a street café in Paris or Bangkok—I would be sitting under the same glass bell jar, stewing in my own sour air.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

May the sweet air of heaven surround her soul ………….

“I write only because
There is a voice within me
That will not be still.”~~~~Sylvia Plath

My daughter gave me a pendant with these words…….

True words, everyone who writes feels the fire of hushed words, closed up in their physical bodies and spiritual souls…..words that suffocate and smother the bearer unless they are finally released to pen and paper.

I didn’t publish until later on in life, but I always wrote.  I wrote satirical pieces and blogs before blogs were “in,” then tore them up in tiny pieces…….

I released them to the winds and the Universe, perhaps so they would not smother and suffocate inside…….

May today’s birthday be one of contentment Sylvia,  filled with the peace that escaped into the winds of your troubled life, before you chose to smother its breath.


Shirlsepia author photo


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