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“Can I do Reiki on my pet?”

When you study to learn Reiki, you become obsessed with learning the correct hand movements, the right symbols to pronounce, the standard positions on the body.   Yes, it is important to learn these in the beginning. When I began teaching workshops about Reiki, … Continue reading

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I saw Caitlyn’s photos yesterday.   To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such beauty; but then again, beauty shines through happiness.   I suppose she has finally freed herself from the sorrow of hiding behind Bruce. Most importantly, I hope the elegance … Continue reading

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“Ways to tap into the energy of Luna……the March 5th Full Moon tonight”

It’s the March 5th full moon… the metaphysical world, we believe the Moon carries energy that affects beings on the earth. This March Moon will bring into focus the energy of moving past or ending……especially dealing with the darker side … Continue reading

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