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“What is a Soulmate….my answer might surprise you”

Most believe their soulmate is the perfect match, the calm sea……In reality, your soulmate is the one who sends whitewater through the river…..causing a bumpy ride to clear the path for waiting lessons to be learned. Soulmates are not always … Continue reading

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“Past Life Secrets Revealed”

Each person has an internal GPS…..I call it the GPS of the Soul.    Most mortals don’t realize that this soul system is turned on from the first breath of life……learning lessons, seeking to evolve, facing Karmas and revealing secrets in … Continue reading

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This coming week is JBee’s birthday.   Those who read “The Returning Ones,” know a little about her.   JBee is my dear friend; she no longer lives mortally, but she lives on in the Spirit Realm.   I was … Continue reading

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