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“How do Spirits Speak” (Describing Mediumship)

People ask how mediums speak with the Spirit Realm.   There are various ways of communication…..one can hear, one can sense touch or smell, even taste.  One can take on the physical ailments of the departed……though very uncomfortable, the sensations of … Continue reading

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This coming week is JBee’s birthday.   Those who read “The Returning Ones,” know a little about her.   JBee is my dear friend; she no longer lives mortally, but she lives on in the Spirit Realm.   I was … Continue reading

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“You Tube Link”

Those of you who read my books and blogs can visit a YouTube link to watch me speak about the Spirit Realm and my newest book, “The Returning Ones, A Medium’s Memoirs.”  I will talk about Irish Ghosts, Fairies, and … Continue reading

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