“The Tarot”

Tarot Sessions

 Tarot~“the artistry of reading one’s truth in the cards” ~~~Shirl Knobloch

My family has been reading the cards for generations.   Recently, when I had my DNA tested, surprising linkage back to Transylvanian regions has confirmed my belief that certain gifts are indeed passed down through the family lineage.

It is easy for someone to purchase a card deck and do a reading, but it is not so easy to find someone who has a connection through generations with the cards.   I have been gifted with such a connection.


The cards will tell you what they
wish, but I can set an intention if you ask a question…….such as
questions about relationships, or work, ask your heart the reason you wish
the reading and what you wish the cards to tell you….then let me know if
there is anything in particular you want me to ask of the cards.

If you are stressing over a challenging time…”a fork in the road” and need some guidance to open up your own inner intuition…then scheduling a Tarot Session is a wonderful method of achieving this guidance.

If you are looking to know who will be waiting in what color shirt at 2:00 next Tuesday to sweep you off your feet, then you won’t find this answer in the Tarot; and I would suggest you run from anybody who claims they can tell you.

The Tarot is a window into your life so that you yourself may look through and realize where you have come from and how this is affecting your present and possibly, your future.

The Tarot is not a fortune told, it is a path guided.

My family has been reading the cards for generations.

I do my sessions by email, I ask no “leading questions,” and I do not rely on facial expressions to clue me in when I have hit a mark.

Schedule one today, for guidance in your tomorrow.

My sessions are done in a meditative state, utilizing the voice of the cards to speak to me

Believing TAROT…. to me translates to “the artistry of reading one’s truth” in the cards….I offer a detailed, honest reading of past influences, present circumstances, and future outlooks.  You may ask me questions to focus on during the reading and you may also choose your Tarot deck or let me intuitively select which deck will guide you.

Although you may be more familiar with face to face readings, I find this quiet session with the tarot speaks loudest to me in giving you the ultimate guidance session.

Among my decks to choose from are

  • Celtic Ogham Oracle Deck
  • Druidic
  • Fairy Ring
  • The Arthurian Legend Tarot
  • Dragon Tarot
  • The Green Man Tree Oracle Deck

My sessions are emailed promptly after scheduling payment.



Shirl, my tarot gemstone reading was amazing. Everything that came up was exactly what is going on in my life. Having this reading was uplifting and inspiring to me at this time in my life. I encourage anyone looking for guidance and direction to have a reading done. It brought me peace and a knowing…and of course a huge smile 🙂 love the work you do. Thank God for you Shirl and your gift!

Gail in Ohio……..

Grateful to Shirl for the wonderful Tarot card reading she did for me.


I am happy that i finally had a Tarot reading…Finding one’s truth…Yes you did, this is so helpful..And your Gem Stone reading is right on..I’ve recently been wearing an Opal necklace and it has lifted my heart..Thank you so much, Susan


Jennifer Jeune I have had reading done by Shirl in the past, most recently a tarot reading. It was very informative and showed me things that I knew deep down to be true, and this was the verification I needed. Shirl is very intuitive and has made me a believer many times over. I have had readings done by others in the past, but I come back to Shirl because she is very accurate. I highly recommend!


2 Responses to “The Tarot”

  1. Thomas Daubert says:

    Aloha Shirl! I’m interested in a tarot reading. With blessings,

  2. sknobloch says:

    Hi Thomas, just privately email me your personal address. My email is shirl@briarrosereiki.com
    I will send you out an invoice and do the cards within the next few days……….
    Thanks and Aloha….
    Shirl 🙂

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