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“Halloween is Disappearing”

Halloween is disappearing, no, not from the store shelves and candy aisles but from the wide eyed faces of children. All Hallow’s Eve was a magickal night, like no other.   Children were allowed to roam the darkness unattached to adult … Continue reading

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“How do Spirits Speak” (Describing Mediumship)

People ask how mediums speak with the Spirit Realm.   There are various ways of communication…..one can hear, one can sense touch or smell, even taste.  One can take on the physical ailments of the departed……though very uncomfortable, the sensations of … Continue reading

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“I Love Halloween but…………………”

I love Halloween, but I fear we have escalated this ancient and hallowed time of year to a disturbing place of violence and perversion. Two news articles spread across the internet today……..one, a murdered Ohio woman hanging from a fence.   … Continue reading

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“Samhain Prayer”

This original watercolor Raven is joined by my original poem to celebrate the All Hallow’s season ……. Message me here if you would like to order one for yourself or a friend. A unique gift not found in stores. When … Continue reading

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