“Bailey and Landon”

Readers familiar with my book “Birdsong, Barks, and Banter,” will know Bailey, my alien pom.   Bailey has been under vet care for the past several months; I had suspected a heart issue, but the vet thought otherwise.   Allergies were thought to be the problem and medicine prescribed.   I still wasn’t satisfied and pushed for further tests.   As it turns out, Bailey’s heart and lungs are strong, and that is a blessing.

Oxygen is what Bailey is having a hard time bringing to those heart and lungs; he has an intrathorasic collapsing trachea.   It is a degenerative condition.  Degenerative, that’s a word you don’t want to hear in the vet’s office.   But the reality of it is, we are all degenerating with each breath.

I know around the rings of Saturn spans a rainbow colored bridge, even aliens have to go home one day.   Hopefully, not for quite some time yet.   When my little alien arrives, I hope he tells the others about a crazy earth lady who loved him in spite of all his antics.

I think they have sent another down from the mother ship anyway…….Landon, Light of the Moon, my collie puppy.    That song from The Sound of Music always plays in my head with Landon.   He isn’t running across the Alps, but he is running into constant trouble.  Remember the song………How do you solve a problem like ______, how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?  I got the middle name right……..

Landon likes to chew things………his fifty stuffed toys aren’t enough, he is always searching for the fifty-first……..

I have a lot of soft sculpture things about the house.   I already wrote about the Bethany Lowe Easter Bunny that had a serious mishap this past spring.   My Halloween pumpkins and witches were a problem.    Where could I display them……other than hanging them from ceiling?

I decided to tie them against the stair railing, leading to the second floor.   Safe, right?

Yesterday, I walked into the living room.   Landon had climbed the stairs, was standing on his hind paws, front paws perched over the bannister,  looking down at me.   He had a witch nose in his mouth.   Yes, I guess Landon would be at home in the Alps, he likes to climb too………..

Bailey and Landon, my two bad boys….each breath of my life wouldn’t be the same without them   …….



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About sknobloch

I am an Author, Artist, and Reiki Master and Intuitive Counselor, offering energy and guidance sessions on people and beloved pet companions. I divide my time between a Northern NJ suburb of Manhattan and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I enjoy pursuing paranormal explorations in this uniquely haunted town. Read more about me at www.briarrosereiki.com and http://shirlknoblochwillowfineartprintsandphotography.zenfolio.com/ All writings and photos © Shirl Knobloch.......no unauthorized copying or use permitted without written permission from the author and photographer, Shirl Knobloch.
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