“What Irks Me Most about the Paranormal World”

There was a frightening encounter the other night in Gettysburg.  It concerned the paranormal, but not ghosts.  A group of “paranormal investigators” were wandering a Gettysburg business with flashlights in the darkness when the police arrived on scene, guns drawn.  Now if the business establishment had clued in the police about what would be happening that night, or the investigators had thought to inform authorities that they would be “trespassing with permission;” something that might have turned tragic could have been avoided.

When people don’t use their brains and common sense when investigating, that irks me.  It causes the whole paranormal community to be further lumped together as a bunch of idiots.  I take offense at the snide remarks made to my back.  I would rather you truthfully look me in the eye and say you don’t hold creedence for anything paranormal.  Sneering behind my back or on social media sites that all paranormal investigators have a screw or two loose  irks me the most.  There are some genuine investigators, mediums, and researchers who seek answers, not cheap gimmicks to garner publicity.

You don’t have to like what I do; I only require your honesty about it…..not smirks behind my back.

Each time a “paranormal team” does something to intensify the smirks, it throws salt on an old wound of mine.

Soon, my second book concerning the Paranormal will be published.  In it, I share genuine personal experiences that defy easy logical explanation.  Strange things occur in Gettysburg and throughout the world.  Whether ghosts, time wrinkles, recordings in stone, or others we have no concept of as of yet; we must keep our minds open.  Sneers and snide remarks offer comfort to many afraid to accept that energies and other realms exist.  Most of all, we cannot let the cheap gimmicks of a few tarnish what so many more have devoted their life work to revealing.



Intuitive Medium

Author, “Birdsong, Barks, and Banter”

About sknobloch

I am an Author, Artist, and Reiki Master and Intuitive Counselor, offering energy and guidance sessions on people and beloved pet companions. I divide my time between a Northern NJ suburb of Manhattan and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I enjoy pursuing paranormal explorations in this uniquely haunted town. Read more about me at www.briarrosereiki.com and http://shirlknoblochwillowfineartprintsandphotography.zenfolio.com/ All writings and photos © Shirl Knobloch.......no unauthorized copying or use permitted without written permission from the author and photographer, Shirl Knobloch.
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